translated from Spanish: New film by Patricio Guzmán and two co-productions lead Chile’s presence at the Festival de Cannes

Between 14th and 25th May a new version of the prestigious film Festival of Cannes and Chile will be held To the French competition with «The Cordillera de los Sueños», the new documentary film by Patricio Guzmán, which was chosen by the competition’s own director, Thierry Fremaux.
The 84-minute ribbon is the last installment of the trilogy that Guzman began with «Nostalgia for Light» (2010) and continued with «The Pearl Button» (2015) and will be released out of competition in the Special screening section.
Produced by the company Atacama Productions, with Chile and Switzerland, is described in Guzman’s words through its synopsis: «In my country, the mountain range is everywhere, but for Chilean citizens it is an unknown territory. After going north with ‘ Nostalgia of Light ‘, and south with the ‘ nacre button ‘, now I feel ready to film this immense spine, to explore its beauty and unveil its mysteries. »
The Minister of Cultures, Arts and heritage of Chile, Consuelo Valdés, said that «the premiere of ‘ The Cordillera de los Sueños ‘ by Patricio Guzmán in the official selection of Cannes is the best omen for this project supported by the Ministry and again He gives a poetic look at the way in which this prestigious filmmaker investigates and approaches our Chile and its history. »
The commercial director of ProChile in France, Ignacio Rande, added that «the national presence in Cannes has been growing over the years and this time we will have the pleasure of launching the brand Chiledoc and celebrating the ten years of CinemaChile. Our commitment is to actively support the Chilean industry in this important market. »
Co-productions in competitions
In the prestigious fortnight of filmmakers will compete the tape «song Without Name», directed by the Peruvian director Melina León and produced by it with Mike J. Whittier and the director of national photography Inti Briones, who also carried out the work in that position .
The film narrates the voyage of a migrant from the Andes called Georgina Condori, who during a terrifying crisis in Peru in the year 1980, looking for her newborn daughter who has disappeared from an informal clinic in Lima.
Investigating, Georgina meets journalist Pedro Campos, who will try to help him in charge of the search. The story is based on real facts.
For its part, «Black ash» is one of the seven selected in the week of the critics and will be part of the competition of feature films of this parallel section.
The Prima Opera of Sofía Quirós has the executive production of Millaray Cortés and the Chilean Matías Echeverría, and its execution was led by Sputnik Films (Costa Rica) in co-production with the POST Producciones (Chile), Murillo Cine (Argentina) and promenades Films (France).
The film tells the story of Selva, a 13-year-old girl played by Smachleen Gutiérrez, in her second collaboration with Quirós after the short film Selva. Quirós has an important link with Chile thanks to his relationship with the director of national photography Francisca Sáez, with whom he worked several years ago, and who also was in charge of the black ash photography.
«Together we have developed not only the photographic part of our films, but also a deep creative work with the script and staging. My previous shorts were co-productions with Chile and therefore in ‘ black ash ‘ we had the opportunity to deepen the experience of co-production and reaffirm ties that had already been developed many years ago, ‘ said the director.
The movie «Los Colonos», a feature film directed by Felipe Gálvez and produced by Quijote Films, which is inspired by the genocide of the native peoples in Patagonia, will participate in the Cannes section for tapes in development L’Atelier that, such As its description indicates, «It supports the emergence of new filmmakers in the face of international productions.» In this year’s selection, the Chilean stands out as the only American in the program.

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