translated from Spanish: Exotic destinations to get to know and let yourself be surprised

Travel is always a good experience, especially if you are co- Noce destinations different from the traditional ones.
Dubai: Getting to know the wonderful corners of this cosmopolitan city is something to be missed. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai-Creek waterfront, Dubai Marina, Safari in the desert and visit the spectacular Dubai Mall-palm Jumeirah are places that will surprise you for being a city of contrasts, here you will find the buildings more Modern and on the same day visit the classic markets of old Dubai.
Bali (Denpasar): If you want to travel to Bali, a very striking stop is the capital, which is a city of 400,000 inhabitants where you can visit the area of Renon, a place with ample streets and wonderful gardens. Bali is a perfect place to enjoy its beautiful and tranquil beaches and explore its various temples.
Shanghai: This is the most modern city in China and places like Bund (boardwalk overlooking the city), the Yuyuan Garden, the Oriental Pearl Tower (where you can enjoy the view of the whole city) and Nanjing Street (for shopping) are just some of the Atractiv You can enjoy in this amazing city.
Hong Kong: This city is special for lovers of big cities and important fairs. Located in China, it is one of the most modern and populated cities in the world. Some of the things you can do are: relax with the tranquility of the Hong Kong Park, explore the Lantau Island, enjoy the Cantonese food and the night markets, as well as enjoy its huge buildings.
Beijing: Is the capital of China, has more than 3,000 years of history and has many places to know, which are recognized worldwide, such as the Chinese wall, the Forbidden City Summer Palace, among others. It’s a city that’s really worth knowing.
Cairo: It is the capital of Egypt that is known to the citizens of this country as “the mother of all cities”, is located on the banks and islands of the River Nile, south of the Delta. This historic city, full of culture has different places to know, for example, the pyramids of Giza, this place is only 18 km from the city and includes the 3 great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx and ancient cemeteries. This place is one of the most important monuments of Egypt and oldest in the world.
To get an idea, there are lines like Emirates whose rates for flights in economic class are:
Beijing: $894,375
Hong Kong: $900,450
Shanghai: $928,125
Dubai: $945,675
Istanbul: $955,800
Cairo: $1,042,875
Bali (Denpasar): $1,351,350

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