translated from Spanish: «Quico» confessed that he rejected a million-dollar proposal from Pablo Escobar

Recently Carlos Villagrán, recognized as the interpreter of the famous character of the Chavo of the 8th, Quico recalled a curious episode when he was in a hotel in the city of Bogota, Colombia. The actor noted that one person at the front desk told him that three people wanted to see him. He assumed they were journalists, so he agreed to get them to go up to his room.» They went up bringing a briefcase in their hand and introduced us. They opened the briefcase, they took out a checkbook, put it on the center table, opened it and said, ‘Tomorrow is my employer’s daughter’s birthday, you put the amount, up to a million dollars.’ My body froly. I didn’t expect such a thing,» Villagrán recalled in the program ‘Informed of everything’, which is broadcast on the Argentine channel América TV. The millionaire proposal came no less than Pablo Escobar, before which the artist recalled that «I was tremendously afraid». At the time he walked out of the situation by pointing out to the three men that he could not go because he had a clause in his contract that did not allow him to be in another event to which he had not signed. Finally, as Villagrán recalls, the three subjects were respectful of him, they said goodbye and marched, but he assured that «Having denied me I was very afraid, because daily they would take me on different paths to the circus. I said that on the third day I leave, because I am a tremendous fear, they will sweep me (kill) for having denied me and I prefer to return.» Now, perhaps Villagrán was not present, but according to the actor both Roberto Gómez Bolaños, who played ‘El Chavo’, like all the rest of his cast, he had accepted the proposal of Pablo Escobar. By then «Quico» had already separated from the show and had his solo show.» I had another chance to go back to Colombia, but I didn’t have any problems anymore. So when it was the whole group of El Chavo of 8, except me, I was already outside the group, they did work for Pablo Escobar,» he said. Let me tell you that later I regretted», villagrán joked at the end of the interview with TV Argentina.

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