translated from Spanish: Officially starts the electoral campaign for the PASO in Mendoza

According to the Electoral board of the province, from this Friday all the political spaces are enabled to promote candidates and submit proposals. In general, at this stage, some acting politicians decide to take leave to devote themselves fully to the challenge. The campaign will last a month and the advertisements in graphic and audiovisual media will appear within 15 days. In addition, the Electoral board reported that next week the definitive register will be available so that citizens can consult the place where they vote. It will be possible to check in padró anticipated that there will be changes because the number of voters increased, so it is probable that there are mendocinos who must attend a different school than they were accustomed to. In addition, in two weeks the bureau authorities will begin to convene to participate in these elections. The selected ones will charge $1500 per person and by choice. School delegates will receive $2000. The governor’s candidates  
Mendoza change Front:-Rodolfo Suárez-Omar De Marchi-Fernando Armagnague front I chose:-Alejandro Bermejo-Anabel Fernández SagastiProtectora political force:-José Luis Ramón Frente de left:-Noelia Barbeito intransigent party:-Dante González Socialist Workers ‘ movement:-Marcia Marianetti Federal Party:-Adolfo innocenti Partido de los Retirees:-Eduardo Santana 

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