translated from Spanish: René de la Vega: «Criminals are taking the streets»

On the occasion of the wake that was carried out to an alleged delinquent in Conchalí, and which included fireworks and bullets, the night of Monday and the dawn of this Tuesday. The mayor of the commune, René de la Vega called on the government authorities to generate effective measures to end the escalation of violence and danger. «This is an issue that has to do with a problematic country, which is being lived in all the communes of the metropolitan region. We call on the Central government to generate the necessary protocols that put an end to this type of complexities that threaten daily the tranquility and well-being of our neighbours. Active and preventive work is required of the Ministry of the Interior, the undersecretary for crime prevention and the Quartermaster, in matters of security and hardening of sanctions in order to prevent these events from continuing to occur. » At the same time, he expressed his readiness to work on the Protocol of Action for the prevention of funerals of drug traffickers, in order to avoid more serious facts: «With regard to the Protocol of Action that was proposed from the South prosecutor, in the month of May, we are to the Awaits the pronouncement by the undersecretary for crime prevention, in relation to its implementation and coverage, since it is urgent to implement a Plan that seeks to mitigate effectively these facts, where criminals are taking the streets. » Finally, he emphasized that, in conjunction with Carabineros, all preventive measures are being coordinated to avoid that today and in the coming days, these events will be repeated in the affected area, in order to give peace and security to our neighbors.

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