translated from Spanish: Piñera gives a speech on patriotism in Iquique: «Today more than ever we need heroes like Prat»

Sebastián Piñera called for «patriotism» during the Commemoration of the day of the Naval glories in Iquique. On the occasion of the 140 anniversary of the naval combat that took place in that city, the President recalled the «heroism, sacrifice and example that the Commander Arturo Prat bequeathed to us».
«Today more than ever we need heroes like Prat who know how to understand the value of unity, the value of patriotism, who know how to practice the same virtues that were what made Prat great throughout his life,» Piñera said in the Plaza 21 May , where he was greeted with honors.
The president took advantage of the instance to express his «deep gratitude and admiration to the heroes of Iquique and share with the commander-in-chief of the Chilean Navy, the great Destiny, the great mission that the Navy plays in our country, not only should be prepared and To have the strength deterrent enough to protect our integrity, our territory, our sovereignty, but also have to be prepared every day to be able to fulfil services in peacetime. »
Piñera added that «many of us will not have the opportunity to have a heroic death as the Prat had», yes we have, he said, «the opportunity to live the virtues that were forging the character that brought Prat to that act of supreme heroism in this same RADA of this bay of Iquique. »
The President concluded by pointing out that today the country faces so many challenges and has to take advantage of so many opportunities, «we must use more than ever in our country, heroes who cultivate the same virtues that Prat cultivated during his life,» he finished.

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