translated from Spanish: How did the explosive get into the office of the senator of Morena?

Before the explosive package, which simulated being books, reached the office of Senator Citlali Hernandez, it had to pass, at least, by two security filters. The package happened without a problem.
Opening the one that appeared to be a book exploded in front of Citlalli Hernandez, without causing serious injury.
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All external packages arriving at the offices of the Senators spend at least two reviews before reaching their desks, he explained to Political Animal, The former senator and now independent MP, Martha Tagle.
The external courier arrives to the official of parts where it is reviewed and from there to the offices of the legislators; Then he goes through a second record made by the legislator’s assistant, he said.
«I do not know the details of the official review but once they authorize it they arrive at the offices where a registration is made and our assistants accumulate all the accuses of what arrives by parcel,» said Tagle.
A second way to receive a package or gift is in a personal way, that is to say, a particular person can enter to the recipient’s office with prior authorization from a legislator.
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«If it is a gift or a document of more relevance can be delivered in a personal way but by a particular, messengers do not enter. All individuals who enter the Senate to deliver something are pre-recorded and must have authorization from a legislator or legislator, «adds the congresswoman.
According to Tagle the packages like that received by Senator Citlalli Hernandez, contain books, magazines or trades.
«It is also important to note that if one or a senator allows access to a particular one, either by visiting or in order to deliver offices within the facilities, he can walk freely on the premises and have access to all areas,» says Tagle.
This Thursday, at the press conference the President of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic (Jucopo), Ricardo Monreal, reported that the House of senators does not have an explosives detector in their entrances, a tool that could have helped Detect the artifact the senator received. 
«These services are more professional the attorney General and usually is with dogs (…) From this we improve the revision of everything that is sent before they reach the offices of the legislators, «he referred.
Nor is there a strict review of cars or legislators, explained Congresswoman Tagle, only happens in special events. «There is only metal detector for our cars when there are important visits and review to visitors when there are congresses or numerous groups of civil society enter.»
According to Tagle, one of the differences in the current legislature with the previous is that more glass doors were placed in several entrances but not security arcs, which translates only into more filters to enter.
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The social communication area of the Senate of the Republic told a political Animal that they prepared a document to detail the security protocol to be implemented at the entrances of the enclosure.
There will be more restrictions: Monreal
This Thursday the Senate house is working normally and security measures have been reinforced at the entrances.
The reviews on the entries were reinforced.
Hours after the explosion Monreal said it would propose a greater restriction on the entry and exit of personnel, visitors and suppliers, in addition to deepening the vigilance carried out by the parliamentary personnel, through the circuit chambers Closed.
«Some coordinators had already commented, but most of them had not accepted the precautions of the entrance, even to the Plenary room (…) We’re going to have to take more restrictive measures, not just shipping parcels but checking the surveillance, security and also the review of the previous parcel, because it’s a wake-up call We can’t ignore, «he added.
Mr. Malreal said the senator does not attribute to anyone the fact. «She is not a woman of conflict nor is there an agenda that could put her at risk; The agenda that we have is all known and is a group agenda, they are not individual agendas. »
According to the president of the Jucopo in what is going on the current Legislature had not received any kind of intimidating messages, threats or any kind of discomfort.
He reiterated that for now the investigation of the facts is in the hands of the attorney General of the Republic (FGR) so no more details will be released on the package, the sender and how it was received by the senator, if by courier or personal form.
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