translated from Spanish: River thrashed 3 to 0 Athletico Paranaense and is champion of the Copa Sudamericana

Ruben’s goal in the match between Athletico Paranese and River was quite far but not in oblivion, and for now that difference gave the title to the current champions of the Copa Sudamericana, but could not maintain that advantage in the stadium monumental. On the other side, the millionaire knew that he had to get a quick goal and not despair, especially with the fact that it does not run the law of goal of visitor, but it cost him. Finally, Gallardo achieved the plus to be consecrated tonight and won his tenth title in the club to be the most successful coach in history.
With mastery of the ball, but without clarity when reaching the rival area, the millionaire brought to light its characteristic pressure that has led to the glory and does not let play his rival. Just at 13 minutes had the first chance and was clear, with a auction of Nacho Fernandez that blew the stick of Santos.La arrival of the former gymnastics unstuck to the attack of River that had Pratto as the protagonist. First with a head butt Exigdo and then, with a top shot that needed a large stretch of the rival archer to avoid the 1 to 0.

Pratto laments his wasted chances. Photo: Twitter @CARPoficial

However, River’s risks were going to have its first consequence. In 32 minutes, Rony won the left to Montiel and with a strong finish, diverted by Lucho Gonzalez, generated a tapas of Armani that was worth a goal for the millionaire. At 15 in the second long, the tension is owned from the monumental. A auction of Pinoa gave in the hand of Lucho Gonzalez and, at the behest of the VAR, the Chilean Tobar charged criminal that was executed by Nacho Fernandez, but between Santos and El Palo arrested him. However, the bounce landed him served and set the 1 to 0, matching the series.

River without conforming with the chance of the extension, it went to look for it and had at the feet of Montiel and again of the ex gymnastics the chance of the second, but Santos Agigantaba its figure. On the other side, Rony again worried about the defense and again Armani appeared to prevent the fall of his fence. When everything seemed to be going to the extra time, a ball fought in the midfield fell at the feet of Matías Suárez with a great pass, he left Pratto hand in hand with Santos and shot him in the second minute off. In the end, Suárez took a mistake in the defense and left behind the goalkeeper to sentence the 3 to 0 and the tenth title of Gallardo.

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