translated from Spanish: They arrested an ex-unionist for abusing their stepdaughters

The former holder of the Uncuyo Guild, Víctor Yanzón, was arrested after one of his stepdaughters denounced him for sexual abuse. The man of 65años is accused of committing these facts for several years in different domiciles and even, in his place of work. He was apprehended at his home in Guaymallén. According to the newspaper Sitio Andino, it was one of his stepdaughters who, after a long time in psychological treatment, dared to denounce it. According to the story of the young woman who is now 20 years old, Yanzón sexually subjected her to carnal access since she was ten years old. The investigation indicates that, on one of the occasions, the whistleblower-a 10-year-old girl at the time-had come out of the bathroom when she was forced to have sex for the first time. The abuses were then reiterated until they were 17. Yanzón was the holder for several years of the Staff Union of the National University of Cuyo (Spunc) and until a year ago was secretary General of that Union and had to answer for allegations of fraud by the Construction of houses of the Spunc. ” He did it in an uncommon way, with much violence, “the sources admitted to the Andean site. “He’s a very violent fellow,” they added. Yanzón, holds the complaint, attacked his stepdaughter when there was no one in the house where they lived. Some abuses were committed in Las Heras, others in Capital and Guaymallén. “I took advantage when the mother of the girls was leaving”, they admitted and added that in more than one opportunity, the facts were committed in the Office of the Union located in street Salta de Ciudad.La younger sister of the young woman joined the complaint and the prosecutor Maria of the Mercedes Moy (a) of the prosecutor’s Office for crimes against Sexual Integrity, ordered that the rigors, both physical and psychological, were carried out, which yielded positive results and that the victims were not lying. That reason, the prosecutor asked for the raids that they carried out The investigating police. Following the capture, Yanzón was arrested and charged for sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access in relation to the largest victim and simple sexual abuse as to the youngest of the stepdaughters. The man will continue to be arrested until further action is made and other evidence requested by the Prosecutor is received. In this note:

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