translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Team held promotion to second Division of Spain with strippers in the dressing room

A curious situation has Spanish football in the midst of a controversy. After conquering the ascent to the second Regional division of Catalonia, the Club Espotiu Llança, was a little beyond the classic celebrations with the fans on the court and the photos and chants in the dressing room. In fact the winners of the tournament received a surprise in the sacred room of the Balonpié, nothing less than strippers. But not only that, the show was recorded and published on social networks. This provoked an avalanche reaction in social networks, generating harsh criticism for their sexist and macho action. Immediately the club issued a statement that said «from the CE Llança would like to apologize if at any time someone was offended by the events that occurred in the locker room after the first team match. At no time was it in the mood to offend anyone, but on the occasion of celebration for the ascent to second Catalan. » Consequently he took responsibility for what happened the club secretary, Francesc Romero, who said that «I ordered that there was no minor. There were even some of the mothers of the players. The atmosphere was very festive and no one overstepped, «he said. Romero also pointed out that no one from the club’s board was aware of this and would be completely assuming the blame, which would lead the official to face the Catalan justice, since this «spectacle» was carried out in a property owned by the municipality . The mayor of the city, Pere Vila, announced in this line that a meeting will be held with the spokespersons of the municipal groups who are annoyed and people of the club to be able to issue a formal statement.

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