translated from Spanish: Fined with 40 MDP to Mítikah for illegal logging of trees in CDMX

The secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City (Sedema) announced a penalty of 40,833,537 pesos for the developers of the Torre Mítikah for talar 80 trees without permission in the village of Xoco, in the town hall of Benito Juárez, between 3 and 4 May past .
According to the capital unit, the company failed to demonstrate that “they had the documents to authorize the demolition of the trees”, although the company argued from the outset having had a temporary permit of environmental impact, issued by the Sedema in November 2018.
However, this permission also required the authorization of the Secretariat of Mobility (Mítikah) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), something that was ignored when logging the trees, according to the Government of Mexico City.

Staff of our #DGEIRA reported this afternoon to the developers of the #TorreMítikah who were creditors to a sanction of $40,833,537.50 after the 3rd and 4th of May fell 80 trees in the village of Xoco, without the corresponding authorization
— CDMX Environment (@SEDEMA_CDMX) May 31, 2019

“It was a premeditated ecocide”: Neighbors of the village of Xoco narrate irregular logging of trees
The project of the company Mítikah, which started in 2008, covers an area of 4799 square meters and construction of 3269 square meters.
The term of the works was scheduled for the end of 2019. In some Internet sites of sale of properties are offered the departments of Mítikah from 5 to 25 million of pesos.
In recent weeks, the company began work for the construction of an overpass from the University Avenue, to the entrance of the tower, for which they needed to cut dozens of trees located in the Calle Real de entail.
Mítikah ignored agreement with Sedema and cut trees with Dolo, says Sheinbaum

The previous government version
The owner of the Sedema, Tanya Müller, says that her administration granted the permission to Mítikah under the condition that the demolished trees would be replaced in a pedestrian square that would be built on the overpass.
According to Müller, the revocable temporary administrative permit that Mítikah had, was granted by an inter-institutional committee of the previous administration that decided to approve the project.
The Exfunctionary commented to the daily Reform The authorization of Mítikah established that the construction company would donate part of its land to expand the public space and build new sidewalks with trees.
The logging of 54 trees is not the only irregularity of Mítikah; The CDMX had already suspended the works
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