translated from Spanish: Mendocino Sanz, candidate for Vice president?

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Emilio Monzó, said Thursday that he «likes» the former head of the UCR Ernesto Sanz as «candidate for Vice president» by Mauricio Macri. I like Sanz as a vice candidate. It is an interesting figure, «he said during a toast to the day of the journalist who led in the hall under the enclosure of the lower house. Consulted by the news agency NA on the qualities that meets the radical Mendocino to carry out this role, he considered that it is a «great political articulate», with capacity to «achieve consensus» and with «acceptance in all the parties» of change. Monzó agreed with the decision of the Pink House to cede the companion formula to a radical leader, as it would be a clear sign of «opening» and that a second term of government of MACRI will have characteristics of government coalition. from the OR Ígenes of the current ruling alliance, Monzó Bregó to expand the space, including sectors of Peronism, and to give greater prominence to the allies of the PRO, as a way to open the game and expand the base of support of the project. That «aperturista» stance brought serious short-circuits to the government’s toughest wing, represented by Chief of Staff Marcos Peña, who managed to impose the line of concentrating power on a smaller nucleus of kidney leaders. To such an extent sharpened the tug that Monzó, which had been key in the territorial assembly that allowed MACRI to sit in the armchair in Rivadavia in December 2015, was marginalized from the decision table and also the electoral design of the campaigns 2017 and 2019. Despite h Aber Amagado in two opportunities to leave his bank in the Chamber of Deputies to feel isolated and not taken into account, Monzó agreed to continue in office until completing his institutional mandate, to then «stay with the free pass.» In another order, the holder of the lower house analyzed that the decision of Cristina Kirchner to go to the background and give the candidacy to President Alberto Fernandez was a bold move, which made implode the «alternative of the Medium», in reference to » Federal alternative, «and that without seeking it accentuated the polarization. In his reading, the platoon of Governors Peronist who moved on the border between Federal alternative and Kirchner, to learn of the proclamation of the candidacy of Alberto Fernandez, defined to be in the way of Kirchnerism, a fact that forces the Officialism to exploit the logic of polarization to prevent the candidates «Anticrack», as Roberto Lavagna and Juan Manuel Urtubey, will subtract Macri votes. In this note:

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