translated from Spanish: A woman and two men are murdered in the Aryan of Rayon

Zamora, Michoacán.-The bodies of two men and one woman were found lying in a land of the holding of Aryan of Rayon of the Colony Railway Section VII, during the morning of this Sunday June 09 2019. The deceased had traces of violence and all had bullet impacts.

Neighbors of the railway street, belonging to the Colony Railway Section VII, reported during the morning detonations of firearm, but it was until about 08:00 hours when leaving their homes located the bodies and asked for the presence of the Authorities.
Police officers arrived at the top of the aforementioned dirt road where they confirmed the macabre find and they cordoned off to preserve signs, as in the area had irrigated various casings for long and short weapon.

The deceased are unidentified. It was learned that one of the males was only wearing a white trusa and the woman wore a black and turquoise colored pants, while the third victim ignored more data.
The bodies were transferred to the forensic medical service of the region, where their relatives are expected to claim them.

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