translated from Spanish: Weave red political light of the world

MEXICO CITY, Mexico.-The light of the world has a whole history of relations with political power.  However, his most recent visible links were evidenced by the concert at the Palace of Fine Arts for the church leader, Nahshon Joaquín García, and the delivery of awards by legislators to the self-styled «apostle of Jesus Christ.»

The senator of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, Rogelio Israel Zamora Guzmán, managed the controversial event attended by the President of the Senate, the Morenista Martí Batres, and the deputy federal of the same party, Sergio Mayer, President of the Committee on Culture in San Lázaro.

Zamora Guzmán is the son of Rogelio Zamora barred, a follower of the church and former federal deputy, who, according to reports, came to that office driven by an organization of settlers who at the time was identified as political arm of the popular sector (CNOP) of the PRI in guadalajara.

«A judicial process has been initiated against a person who has demonstrated his respect for the laws of all countries and their authorities,» the senator said last Wednesday, on the occasion of the arrest of Nahshon in the United States for sexual offences.

«I respect the law and therefore respect the principle of presumption of innocence.»

Another faithful follower of the light of the world in the Congress of the Union is the independent deputy, Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, who not only attended the celebration in fine arts, but also promoted-and even paid-the recognition that 35 legislators gave to Nahshon the month Past. The former PRD presumes in social networks a photograph in a temple of the church, along with Senator Zamora Guzmán and leaders of the church as Silem Garcia, spokesman of the congregation.

«I am a faithful witness that the leadership that has developed (Nahshon) in front of the church the light of the world has always been attached to the legal canons, because it has always been a faithful promoter of family values, personal overcoming and teaching» Declared.

In May, another recognition was given to Nahshon by federal deputies of Jalisco, at the initiative of the Legislator of citizen movement and also member of the church, Kehila Ku, who stated that there is no reason to take it off, because its social work is Proven.

In Puebla, the mayor of Amozoc, a member of the church, Mario de la Rosa Romero, described Nahshon as irreproachable. The official, who arrived under the formula Morena-PT-PES, has been accused of including in the payroll of the city to followers of the light of the world.

Since its inception, this religious association has woven political networks, mainly in Jalisco, where it is headquartered and began its expansion. The same has been linked to municipal presidents and legislators, with governors.

For example, in the decade of the 50, with the support of the PRI, this church that presumes to have 2 million of followers in Mexico and 5 million around the world, could be made of 14 hectares to the east of Guadalajara and created the colony beautiful province , where it has its most important headquarters and temple.

The closeness of Aaron Joaquin, founder of the church, and his son, Samuel Joaquin, with the political class opened the door of the city councils and the State Congress to members of the light of the world.

Currently, in the Congress of the state of Jalisco have Jehonadab Martínez, postulated by citizen movement, and in the city of Guadalajara have a position with the councillor Rocío Aguilar.

The current governor, by Citizen Movement, Enrique Alfaro, has attended events of the light of the world and even in May last year congratulated Nahshon for his birthday.

«I wish a happy birthday to my friend Nahshon Joaquin, to come many more full of joy. Strong hug, «Alfaro wrote on Twitter on May 7, 2018.

His power is such that the presidents of Jalisco have paraded through the most important religious event of this church: the Holy summons. They have come from PRI as Guillermo Cosío Vidaurri and Aristotle Sandoval, to Pan, as Francisco Ramírez Acuña and Emilio González Márquez.

Other politicians who have attended events in this church are the president of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, «El Bronco»; The governor of Colima, Ignacio Peralta, and former first lady and former independent presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala.

As well as former governor Pri of Veracruz, currently a prisoner, Javier Duarte, and the deputy federal and former candidate for the governorship of the same state, Héctor Yunes Landa.

«He is a very committed person to his church, in addition to a spiritual man, enormously spiritual,» said the Bronco on Nasson in August 2015, attending an event of the light of the world.

«It is a very important event, to have here, the presence in Colima of the Apostle Nahshon, of the light of the world. It is a very important community, it is a recognized community, it is a registered community and therefore I am very grateful to be allowed to be here, «said Peralta at a church event in 2017.

In addition, the light of the world has been seen as a way of obtaining votes, so it is so that in each electoral process it is obligatory that the aspirants to a popular election post put on their agenda a visit to the colony where the members of the church live. , The beautiful province.

Even in civic celebrations, such as the cry of independence, representatives of Governments come to the church to give the cry.

Today, however, the light of the world lives the strongest eclipse of its existence.

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