translated from Spanish: They caught a «narcosubmarino»: it carried a ton of cocaine

A spectacular U.S. Coast Guard chase in Pacific waters ended with the capture of a drug-submarine and the seizure of more than a ton of cocaine. The shipment was valued at $232 million. The boat had departed from the Punta Ajicito sector, in Colombia’s Valle del Cauca department.

Before the submarine manages to dive into an attempt to escape, three Coast Guard agents jumped over its structure, as seen in a video filmed by the same authorities and reproduced profusely by international agencies. In the images, one of the guards can be seen banging the hatch with his fist before the man inside opens it and surrenders. The fate of the drug was Panama, Mexico and the States Unidos.Al review the vessel, the 1,247 kilos of cocaine were found, which, like the crew members, were left under the orders of the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office. In 2019, the Pacific Naval Force, through the «Poseidon» Anti-Narcotics Task Force and Coast Guard units, managed to seize about 65 tons of cocaine, as well as the immobilization of 52 vessels and 15 semi-submersible vessels. Coca leaf crops in Colombia fell in 2018 for the first time in six years, although the decline was only half a percentage point, according to an estimate published last June 26 by the White House.

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