translated from Spanish: Huachicolero and Nicolas Cage, at the Guanajuato Film Festival

The Guanajuato International Film Festival (Giff) presented its official program in which the film stands out at the inaugural function Huachicolero by director Edgar Nito and the international tribute to actor Nicolas Cage.
For 10 days the XXII edition of the GIFF will present in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato capital 223 films on display and 120 competing from 47 countries, of them, at least 52 films are in competitions within the selection in Mexico.
From January, the festival announced to the Philippines as a guest country of honor who this year celebrate the first centenary of their cinema and will have the presence of Kidlat Tahimik, better known as the father of Filipino cinema.
“He is a man who inspires and attracted a lot of people. His artistic and cultural letters show the work of this filmmaker,” said The Philippine Ambassador to Mexico, Demetrio R. Tuason.

The #Giff2019 will be 22 editions being completely #gratuito. The best of cinema around the world. Let’s go to the movies, let’s #Guanajuato.
— Guanajuato Film Fest (@giffmx) July 12, 2019

He also highlighted the cultural traits that both Mexico and the Philippines share, including Spanish rule, as well as the trade that reached New Spain, today Mexico. 
“Both countries have been linked since the time of the Colony with the Manila Galleon trade in the 16th century, as well as pride in our homeland and the virgin of Guadeloupe who is also our patron in the Philippines,” she added.
For her part, María Novaro, general director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine) recognized the historical and cultural significance of the Philippine film guild as guest of honor at this film festival.
This is the first time that a Southeast Asian country has been the guest of honor in an edition of the GIFF, in which it will present 22 films. It should be noted that the Philippines’ participation in the 22nd edition of GIFF coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Philippines-Mexico cultural agreement and the 66 years of trade relations between these two countries.
For the inaugural gala at San Miguel de Allende, the festival’s first site, the public will see To live to sing of Huo Zhe Chang Zhe at the Angela Peralta Theatre on July 19 at 9 p.m., while Guanajuato capital will hold the film Huachicolero by the director Edgar Nito in co-production with the US, Spain and the United Kingdom on 25 July at 21:00 in the state auditorium.
Hachicolero, the inaugural GIFF tape
Victor Leycégui producer of the film Huachicolero he told Animal Politician that what the film shows is important, because it is something that happens in our country.
“The film was matched to the conjuncture of the huachicol. It wasn’t done after the joint. It is a delicate subject that was filmed in 2017 and the script was written in 2016, the film talks about the huachicol affair and shows scenes of what we were told is happening and we think it is important that it is shown in any expressive medium the themes that are the reality of the country He noted.
Edgar Nito, director of the film, is a director of Irapuato and always heard stories of huachicol as the refinery of Salamanca is nearby, knew of the people who opened a tube to fill claws with gasoline. It was always an issue that he considered until the moment he planned to make this first premium opera.
The project took a long time from Edgar’s original idea, filming was done with foreign funds and a small fund that gave them the state of Guanajuato until ending in 2018, from there it was sent to festivals to begin premiere, as at the TRIBECA festival of New York, where he won the award for Best New Narrative Director in the foreign film competition.
Miut and #MeToo new dialogue spaces in the GIFF
In its commitment to social engagement with the Guanajuatense population and the attendees who annually visit the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), in this edition they present the MIUT application in an effort to open spaces to deaf people. 
This application seeks to disseminate the teaching of the Mexican sign language in order to educate the general population, promote learning and ultimately achieve a fairer society for all.
Another of the platforms that the GIFF premieres in the 22nd edition of this year is a space dedicated to women and men to report some situation of harassment in which they have been victims as part of the social commitment that during these years has been part of the festi Val.
“We are a festival with social platforms, such as the #MeToo movement that will be present at the festival with a room free of violence where there will be stands where people can approach to address this issue, will be oriented when denouncing an act of abuse and Harassment. This is not only a space for women but also for men,” said Sara Hoch, director of GIFF.
Nicolas Cage, Terry Gilliam and Gus Van Sant
Another of the surprises that the GIFF presents is the international tribute to American actor Nicolas Cage in the first headquarters that will tour this festival. 
The tribute to Nicolas Cage will be on the night of Sunday 21 July in San Miguel de Allende and on the morning of Monday, July 22, the actor will give a Magistral Conference in which he will talk about the various aspects he has faced during his film career.
Among the international honorees is Gus Van Sant, who from his film career has shown “the wild side of American soil”. The director also plans to give a key note in San Miguel de Allende. 

Nicolas Cage, one of the American actors who helped set the course for the film industry during the 1980s and 1990s, will receive tribute in #GIFF2019.
Sunday, July 21, at 21:00hrs, Main Garden of San Miguel de Allende.
— Guanajuato Film Fest (@giffmx) July 11, 2019

Together with Gus Van Sant, director Terry Giliam will receive the Silver Cross as part of the one with homage to his outstanding career in the film guild that will take place in Guanajuato capital, in addition to the Master conference that he will offer with a tour to his work and design animations he created in his career.

#GIFF2019 Gus Van Sant will be on #SanMigueldeAllende to receive a tribute and share your video game experience!
Saturday, July 20
20:00 Tribute: Gus Van Sant Main Garden
Sunday 21
13:00 Master Lecture: Gus Van Sant, Angela Peralta Theatre
— Guanajuato Film Fest (@giffmx) July 12, 2019

In national tribute, the GIFF will have the presence of the Mexican actor José Carlos Ruiz, who in press conference noted that he was honored by the Guanajuato festival in the face of committing to his work.
“I have discovered that we are soldiers of action. The actor’s job is to always be at the service of the next character,” he said at a press conference. 
As if that weren’t enough, inside the festival will be the preview of the tape Yesterday as part of the billboard in capital Guanajuato. 
The GIFF will be held from July 19 to 23 in San Miguel de Allende and from July 25 to 28 in Guanajuato Capital.
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