translated from Spanish: Chekhov THE DEBATE

In 1904 Anton Chekhov wrote and staged The Cherry Garden. The play, although it was not well represented, received loud applause. Shortly after the play’s premiere, Chekhov felt very ill. As his wife, Olga Knapper, recalls it in his book A few words about Chekhov.” Weakening himself physically, but strengthening himself in spirit he adopted a simple, discreet and beautiful attitude towards the dissolution of his body, because he said, ‘God has put a bacillus in me.'” In the hope that the fresh mountain air would restore his health, mined by tuberculosis, Chekhov was taken to the health plant in Badenweiler.When the end was near, a hospital doctor came to Chekhov’s bed, his face smiling, cheerful, trying to resuscitate him. However, the doctor forgot that Chekhov was also a doctor of medicine, also too skilled to be fooled.” I’m dying,” he said, and expired. A wonderful tranquillity covered his face. It was July 15, 1904. The writer was only 44 years old. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov came into the world on January 16, 1860 in the town of Taganrog, on the shores of the Sea of Azov, in the home of a low-income shopkeeper, “vain and petty man and tyrannical father”. Chekhov had five brothers, one of whom was a woman. It was a home that did not know happiness.

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