translated from Spanish: Comptroller’s mindship detected irregularities in Gendarmerie by denying benefits to punta Peuco inmates

The Comptroller General of the Republic ordered the opening of summaries in Gendarmerie, due to irregularities in the evaluation of instalables in the Punta Peuco prison seeking to obtain Sunday exit.
According to the investigation, to which Radio Bío Bío, of the six prisoners who met the conditions for the benefit, accessed, four made 48 requests for Sunday departure, which were rejected by the Technical Council, because it did not exist ” unanimity of positive votes on the part of the members, as I know, was in line with the provisions of the Prison Regulations, so there are no comments to make on the matter.”
The report contends that in 47 of the rejected applications, “the Chairman of the Technical Council had an individual intervention plan, as in all cases the technical area reports were unfavourable, as indicated in the respective minutes of assessment.”
“However, 47 such plans were not developed, and with respect to the only one made for one of the inmates, there is no evidence of their implementation, results and follow-up,” he adds.
On the other hand, Gendarmerie “did not provide the background of support to establish the application of the instruments and/or tools on which the psychological reports of the inmates, which are part of the evaluation of the technical area – Member of the Technical Councils”.
In terms of the processing of benefits, such as probation, the investigation noted that 11 applications were analyzed, concluding that “in two of the minutes examined that are referred to the Parole Commission of the Court of Appeals, it is not common ground that the proper ruling of the Court of Conduct has been issued”.
In addition, “a system of workshops or social reintegration activities has not been formalized” within the criminal offence.
Meanwhile, the lawyer of several instaleds of Punta Peuco, Raúl Meza, said that he will bring civil and criminal actions against the officials of Gendarmerie and request that an investigative commission be opened in the Chamber of Deputies.
The lawyer considered “extraordinarily serious that the Comptroller’s Office has concluded in his report, in a reliable and categorical manner, that Gendarmerie, and in particular the technical council of the Punta Peuco unit, has repeatedly and for years denied the benefits inprisons and probations for juvenile inmates.”

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