translated from Spanish: Deputies from Chile Vamos turn to Comptroller to report illegal acts of INDH officials and call for resignation of its director

The deputies of Chile Vamos, Celso Morales (UDI), Karin Luck and Andrés Longton -both of National Renewal – arrived on Monday at the Comptroller General of the Republic, in order to speak for the action of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) officials on the country’s northern border.
This, after Arica y Iquique’s courts accused them of manipulating the entry into Chile of 21 foreigners, even in defiance of Carabineros.
In this regard, Mr Morales explained that the request seeks to establish «administrative responsibility of officials and the judgment of accounts that may fall against the actions they have taken and that are out of law» and called for the resignation of the current national director Consuelo Contreras.
According to the union legislator, who staged the incident «have gone too far and have been too sticky to present what they are doing today. They have circumvented the legality in order to be able to enter people in this country who did not meet any requirements and tried to deceive the InvestigationS Police and then publicly say that Investigations has not complied. What’s more, they go to court so that this situation can be clarified and the court says no, you are wrong, you are circumventing the law.»
«I think the national director should step aside, because they have permanently harassed the migration policy that exists today and seeks to make it an orderly migration. So when today they have made fun of this situation, I think the least the Director can do is step aside,» Morales said.
For his part, MR RN Andrés Longton argued that in his view «what the National Institute of Human Rights does is highly condemnable and reprehensible. The main responsible here is the national director, Consuelo Contreras, who has urged migrants to enter our country as it may be, which has obviously conditioned the behaviour of their officials.»
In that vein, the parliamentarian recalled that the Iquique Court of Appeals’s ruling «expressly states that INDH officials broke the law, i.e. that they manipulated a history of Venezuelan migrants, trying to mislead them and the Police investigations, i.e. which implies a serious lack of administrative probity in addition to a misuse of public resources.»
«On the other hand, there are possible criminal offences in the event of a possible contempt of Carabineros at the time that a car with the INDH logo crosses the border without respecting Carabineros’ request to stop. That is why we urge regional and local authorities to make the appropriate complaints to establish criminal responsibilities, and we also expect the Comptroller’s Office to condemn these facts and initiate the corresponding summaries,» he added.
Meanwhile, for MEP RN Karin Luck the INDH «has violated the reality of her duties, because she cannot go to Bolivia or to different countries to seek or precisely go to deceive these migrants, who only want to enter the country».
«That’s why we need the Comptroller’s Office to come and see what the faculties of the National Institute of Human Rights are and whether the actions they have just taken are in line with law, since many of them are not within their duties,» he concluded.

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