translated from Spanish: Trump froze Venezuelan government assets: Guaidó applauded measure and officialism accused «lockdown»

Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaidó applauded the U.S. government’s decision to freeze the assets of the Nicolás Maduro regime and warned that measures like this demonstrate that supporting Chavismo here «Consequences.» Guaidó, recognized by Washington as the legitimate president of the South American country, has noted that anyone who «intends to do business» with the Maduro government will be, for the purposes of international justice,» collaborating with a «dictatorship» and «will be subject to punishment and complicit in crimes that do not prescribe.» According to Guaidó, the move taken by Washington by an executive order by President Donald Trump «is the consequence of the superbness of unworkable and indolent usurpation» by Maduro, which in January initiated a new presidential term that countries such as United States or Spain does not recognize.» Those who sustain (chavismo), benefiting from the hunger and pain of Venezuelans, should know that it has consequences,» added Guaidó, according to a statement from his office that he insisted that «the dictatorship does not have popular support», but rather underpins a «loyalty» that «keeps at the point of money being tainted.» OFFICIAL ANSWER For its part, the Government of Venezuela has announced on Tuesday that the United States seeks to «formalize» a blockade «already underway» against the country with its decision to block Venezuelan government ownership in the US country. The South American foreign ministry has denounced Washington’s decision through a statement, in which it has spoken of «serious new aggression» by the Donald Trump Administration «through arbitrary actions of economic terrorism.» Thus, he has argued that this «economic, financial and trade blockade already under way has caused severe injury to Venezuelan society in recent years», while saying that the «only objective» of it is to «hang the Venezuelan people to force a unconstitutional change of government in the country.» This decision of the ruling elite in the United States is intended to legally grant the blocking of all assets and properties of the Venezuelan State, thus constituting the most grotesque and brazen strainer that is recorded in the contemporary history of the international relations,» he said. In this sense, the portfolio headed by Jorge Arreaza has emphasized that «not satisfied with the illegal theft of the Citgo company and Venezuelan diplomatic headquarters, the White House and its allies seek new opportunities and resources to usurp and loot what it belongs to more than 30 million Venezuelans and Venezuelans.»

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