translated from Spanish: Gustavo Quinteros: «The tournament is not closed»

Universidad Católica is the pointer to Chilean football and the second is 10 points apart. Despite that, the crusader said he hasn’t earned anything yet. At the press conference, Gustavo Quinteros said that «The tournament is not closed, there are a lot of points missing in dispute, we have to face again the rivals that come from behind, that can give us the possibility to lengthen or also that they can shorten. He hasn’t earned anything, the tournament is there.» The 10 points do not relax us or negatively influence us, but they do for the match against Coquimbo to know the results of those who come after us gave us a tranquility. It didn’t lay us down, but it did give us peace of mind. I’d like to play at the same time, no one knows about results or anything. We want to enter the court with that push, that desire to keep lengthening and keep winning, without thinking that this news will influence us. Maybe you’re too glad that the others haven’t won,» DT added. He also referred to his next rival, Everton de Viña del Mar, and Quinteros stated that «We always take into account the rival we face. We know that Everton improved on results and also in the game. Their greatest strength is the attack defense transitions with high speed, they have very fast players, very unbalanced. What Iquique proposed, Curicó, Coquimbo were similar. It cost us, we’re going to work, but Everton has another way of playing, because it’s also a team that attacks, I think it’s going to come different, we’re going to prepare for what the opponent can propose.»» The idea is that everyone stays, to have a competitive campus, we know that we could not make a worthy presentation in international cups. We got a very complicated group, we have to strengthen and have different alternatives to play complicated matches» closed.

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