translated from Spanish: Agree with PURP 7 days to pay producers

Guasave, Sinaloa.- About 60 producers came to the call to take the winery of the company PURP located in Los Pinitos, a community belonging to the union of La Trinidad Guasave.La nonconformity because the company has not released many of the payments for the liquidation of the crops is what motivated them to do this.

Faustino Hernández Alvarez, president of the League of Agrarian Communities, mentioned that yesterday’s afternoon Gonzalo Pérez, who is the general manager of the copycompany, contacted them to open up to dialogue. HELP US Click the Google News star and follow us


Around 11 a.m. it was when after serving the leaders of various producer advocacy organizations, as well as affected cornfarmerss, they determined that a list will be passed with the name of the plaintiff producers who have been active in the in this way it will be them who are speeded up by the liquidation. Until tomorrow at 12:00 hours they will be receiving documentation from producers who are in this situation to manage to be provided with payment on the next Friday 16 August.

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