translated from Spanish: «Quotidien Bistro»: menu based on seasonal products

Quotidien is located inside the Hotel Doblee Tree by Hilton. Its space is comfortable and well set. It is recommended to spend a pleasant moment, as it has a spacious living room and a terrace to the outside with all the comforts.
Its furniture is carefully selected so that the whole experience is harmonious. Its staff, proving that they are of the hotel area, serve with the best of desire and always with a smile on their face. Which is appreciated.
What are we trying? We took advantage of the truffle season and tried the following: Almond cream with oysters and truffled coral oil ($9,900). Stir-out oysters in butter that arrive mounted so that the hook then serves the almond cream that, at its top brought fresh grated truffle. Nice presentation and just as well in flavor.
The best of its bottoms was Coulant’s oxtail ($9,900) with truffled foie parfait and scruffy potatoes. Tender meat that demonstrated its long cooking with marked flavors. Great contribution of the sauce of its reduction.
We could not finish with something truffled, rice truffle with milk ($5,200), the classic dessert but that is added this wonderful products of which tonight we abused.

But since not everything is truffle, they have a letter that has tickets to share from $7,900, with mostly French influence. In addition a long list of wines and cocktails that, accompanied by friendly service, make it a pleasant space to attend and to recommend.
Vitacura 2727. The Countess
Price: $18,000 to $23,000 p/w

Original source in Spanish

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