translated from Spanish: Fernandez in Tucumán: “We avoid being on the streets and situations of violence”

The candidate of the Frente de Todos, Alberto Fernández, closed the day of visit to Tucumán with a joint press conference, where he was accompanied by the leader of the Argentine Industrial Union, Miguel Acevedo and one of the general secretaries of the CGT, Hector Daer.In the framework of the 50th year of the Industrial Union of Salta and in what represents a sketch of what will be the social pact that Fernandez plans to implement the first six months of government, the former chief of staff said that “we have instituted Argentina of the f so that the industry is back to the central place that most Argentines want.” 

Asked about the conflicts that arose between militants of social organizations and police officers this afternoon on 9 july avenue, Fernández asked “all Argentines to remain calm, we all know the justice of the claims”. “We avoid being on the streets and creating situations that can call us to confrontation and violence,” he stressed, referring to the demonstrations that have increased since the STEPS. 

UIA Acevedo, CGT Daer and Peronist leaders

The intention of the presidential candidate is that there should be no situations of violence and he stressed that “the union representatives have always understood it.” In this note:

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