translated from Spanish: Enlist “Morelia Te Quiero En Paz” demonstration for tomorrow afternoon

Morelia, Michoacán.- “Morelia Te Quiero En Paz”, will start tomorrow Saturday at the point of 18:30 hours with a demonstration, on Avenida Madero, which is open for all citizens, as reported by the administration in a statement.
In this ambitious campaign, different instances are involved, such as the Morelia City Council headed by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, the Basque University of Quiroga, the Universidad Latina de América, La Salle and the Archdiocese, between Other.
The Mullians who want to join this peace movement are invited to gather from 18:30 hours in the Garden of Villalongín, for half an hour later, start the peaceful walk towards the first frame of the city, where a concert will be offered , a declaration will be issued and will culminate with the representative lighting of Cathedral.
The aim is to send a strong message of unity between society at large, under the banner of peace, which is one of the greatest yearnings of all its inhabitants.
Subsequently, at least once a month, different actions will be carried out around different values to replicate this movement and make the capital, the epicenter of harmony in Michoacán.

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