translated from Spanish: Emmys 2019: Our Predictions for The Big Categories

Tomorrow night the most important awards of North American TV, the Emmys are held, and we cannot leave aside our forecasts for this official start to the awards season. The latest installment of «Game of Thrones» leads the nominations with a total of 32, and ten statuettes were already embedded during the Creative Items ceremony, held last week. HBO’s epic drama could be fired by breaking several records, and while it’s the favorite of the day in terms of dramatic categories, there can always be last-minute surprises. We review the top items and nominees from the 71st annual Emmy Awards, trying to do a suitable analysis (??) of who could (or should) end the night celebrating with a statuette in hand.    

Phoebe goes all out

BEST GUIDE – COMEDIA* Barry («ronny/lily») – Alec Berg and Bill Hader* Fleabag («Episode 1») – Phoebe Waller-Bridge* The Good Place («Janet(s)» – Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan* PEN15 («Anna Ishii-Peters») – Maya Erskine, Anna Kle Kon and Stacy Osei-Kuffour* Nothing in This World Is Easy») – Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler* Russian Doll («A Warm Body») – Allison Silverman* Veep («Veep») – David MandelNo doubts, this is the year of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the second season of «Fleabag» is already among the best of TV 2019. The British actress, producer and screenwriter should finish Sunday night with several awards to her thanks to this second season, but if her planets don’t line up, the dark «Barry» or the beautiful «Russian Doll» experiment could give the batacazo.  WILL WIN: FleabagNEW WIN: Fleabag

The Roys are insatiable

BEST GUIDE – DRAMA* Better Call Saul («Winner») – Peter Gould and Thomas Schnauz* Bodyguard («Episode 1») – Jed Mercurio* Game of Thrones («The Iron Throne») – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss* The Handmaid’s Tale («Holly») – Bruce Miller and Kira Snyder* Killing Eve («Nice and Neat») – Emerald Fennell* Succession («Nobody Is Ever Missing») – Jesse ArmstrongIf the world (and the television academy) were a fair place, the award for Best Dramatic Screenplay should end in the hands of «Better Call Saul» or the surprise «Succession». The HBO series was somewhat relegated to its bandmates, but if there is a consolation prize for Jesse Armstrong’s creation, it is undoubtedly this statuette that distinguishes the shrewd (and scathing) dynamic among the members of the Roy family. The big surprise would be that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss sang victory, right, with one of the most ‘controversial’ episodes of the season in narrative matters. YOU WILL WIN: Succession (*other than «Game of Thrones», other than «Game of Thrones)SHOULD WIN:

Mazin took us to the heart of hell

BEST GUIDE – LIMITED SERIES, MOVIE OR SPECIAL* Chernobyl – Craig Mazin* Escape at Dannemora («Part 6») – Brett Johnson, Michael Tolkin and Jerry Stahl* Escape at Dannemora («Part 7») – Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin* Fosse/Verdon («Providence») – Joel Fields and Steven Levenson* A Very English Scandal – Russell T. Davies* When They See Us («Part Four») – Ava DuVernay and Michael StarrburyThis was a great season for limited series or miniseries. The technical and narrative quality is unmatched and any of the nominees deserves recognition. But there were two products that stood out above the rest and it is between them two that the most prizes of that category will be distributed. Craig Mazin jumped out of nowhere and broke all the schemes with «Chernobyl.» His statuette is almost assured (we’re talking about five flawless scripts), but the blunt «When They See Us» can hold the festivities with good justification. Can we ask for a tie?    GOING TO WIN: ChernobylSHOULD WIN: Chernobyl

The One with the mutant babe

BEST ADDRESS – COMEDIA* Barry («The Audition») – Alec Berg* Barry («ronny/lily») – Bill Hader* The Big Bang Theory («The Stockholm Syndrome») – Mark Cendrowski* Fleabag («Episode 1») – Harry Bradbeer* The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («All Alone») – Amy Sherman-Palladino* The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («We’re Going to the Catskills!») – Daniel PalladinoComedy is not a minor genre and most of these nominees prove it (TBBT pardon). We already said this should be the year of «Fleabag,» although «The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel» and «Barry» turned out to be two Academy favorites. Anyway, we put all the chips on Harry Bradbeer for the cool start of the second season, but what do you want to see Bill Hader triumph over one of the most strangely funny chapters? TV in 2019. In the end, was she a vampire baby?    WILL WIN: FleabagNEW WIN: Fleabag or Barry

Divide and conquer

BEST ADDRESS – DRAMA* Game of Thrones («The Iron Throne») – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss* Game of Thrones («The Last of the Starks») – David Nutter* Game of Thrones («The Long Night») – Miguel Sapochnik* The Handmaid’s Tale («Holly» – Daina Reid* Killing Eve («Desperate Desperate Of» Eve («Desperate Desperate» Times») – Lisa Br’hlmann* Ozark («Reparations») – Jason Bateman* Succession («Celebration») – Adam McKayNi are going to try to analyze an award as sung as this one. The spectacularness of «Game of Thrones» will prevail over its competitors, although the question remains: will it be for the cover tupled creator or for the master hand of Miguel Sapochnik, responsible for the most unloaded (and dark) battle on TV? The one who laughs last, laughs better, and we assume that David and Dan are going to come out triumphant. It would be nice if Adam McKay got his well-deserved victory, wouldn’t it? YOU WILL WIN: Game of Thrones (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss) SHOULD WIN: Succession, but at least give it to Miguel Sapochnik

Recreating the tragedy

BEST ADDRESS – LIMITED SERIES, MOVIE OR SPECIAL* Chernobyl – Johan Renck* Escape at Dannemora – Ben Stiller* Fosse/Verdon («Glory») – Jessica Yu* Fosse/Verdon («Who’s Got the Pain») – Thomas Kail* A Very English Scandal – Stephen Frears* When They See Us – Ava DuVernayAnother category fought, but how to beat the impeccability of «Chernobyl»? The HBO miniseries shines in all its aspects, and the five ‘technical’ prizes accumulated reinforce Johan Renck’s possible triumph behind the scenes. If voters prefer to put «spectacularity» aside and focus on a drama that touches them more closely, that’s when Ava DuVernay should come out with her statuette in his hand. From here, no one’s going to object.         GOING TO WIN: ChernobylSHOULD WIN: Chernobyl or When They See Us

The village’s NoHo

BEST PART OF PARTACTION – COMEDIA* Alan Arkin – The Kominsky Method («Chapter Two: An Agent Grieves»)* Anthony Carrigan – Barry («Past x Present x Future Over Yesterday»)* Tony Hale – Veep («Veep»)* Stephen Root – Barry («berkman > block»)* Tony Shalhoub – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («We’re Going to the Catskills!») * Henry Winkler – Barry («What?!») When it comes to performances, the Academy almost always plays it safe. Thus, we see the same interpreters lift the statuette over and over again, relegating those new faces who also deserve it. Anthony Carrigan is faced with a set of «veterans,» many of whom have already triumphed in this ceremony. Tony Hale is going for his third Emmy representing Gary Walsh and Henry Winkler could repeat last year’s victory, but our heart is with NoHo Hank, the Chechen mobman whose heart is bigger than his arsenal. Or not.   GOING TO WIN: Tony Hale or Henry WinklerNEW WIN: Anthony Carrigan

Sally singing the pole

BEST ACTRIZ DE PARTING – COMEDIA* Alex Borstein – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («Vote for Kennedy, Vote for Kennedy»)* Anna Chlumsky – Veep («Pledge»)* Sian Clifford – Fleabag («Episode 3»)* Olivia Colman – Fleabag («Episode 4»)* Betty Gilpin – GLOW («Mother of All Matches») * Sarah Goldberg – Barry («The Audition»)* Marin Hinkle – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («Simone»)* Kate McKinnon – Saturday Night Live («Host: Liev Schreiber»)Harder to choose between mom and dad, demonstrating a great year for female characters, at least, Secondary ones. Anyway, we think voters are going to prefer an old acquaintance of these awards like Alex Borstein – always amazing in «The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel» – or they’re going to continue to fill Olivia Colman’s shelves, who this year already took the Oscar and I’m sure she’ll lash out the next with «The Crown.» But let’s not get ahead of the facts and talk about the one that really deserves all the applause: Sarah Goldberg as the Sally Reed of «Barry», whose episode, «The Audition», never ceases to amaze us by its sincerity and forcefulness when it comes to Hollywood and the female representation.     VA TO WIN: Alex Borstein or Olivia ColmanSHOULD WIN: Sarah Goldberg

The one who drinks and knows things

BEST PART OF PARTAGE – DRAMA* Alfie Allen – Game of Thrones («The Long Night»)* Jonathan Banks – Better Call Saul («Winner»)* Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – Game of Thrones * Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones («The Iron Thrones»)* Esposito – Better Call Saul* Michael Kelly – House of Cards («Chapter 73»)* Chris Sullivan – This Is Us («Toby»)Sorry Chiques, but Peter Dinklage is not retiring from the Seven Kingdoms without his fourth statuette. Tyrion has been nominated every year since the show’s premiere in 2011, and this is the farewell he deserves for a great character (far, the best of the series), even though this season hasn’t shone like the previous ones. Ojo, that his brother Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) could come to spoil the party, as could the sacrificed Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), redeemed and in need of affection. The others can continue to participate.      GOING TO WIN: Peter DinklageSHOULD WIN: Alfie Allen

All the power in small packaging

BEST PARTAIST ACTRESS – DRAMA* Gwendoline Christie – Game of Thrones * Julia Garner – Ozark («The Gold Coast»)* Lena Headey – Game of Thrones («The Bells»)* Fiona Shaw – Killing Eve («Nice and Neat»)* Sophie Turner – Game of Thrones («Winterfell»)* Maisie Williams – Game of Thrones («The Long Night»)Those who are not part of «Game of Thrones», stop for the background because this prize goes to Westeros yes or yes. All the night numbers are on our cock, Arya Stark (Maise Williams), proving that the good comes in a small jar. The savior of the Seven Kingdoms can find some opposition from Lena Headey or the surprise Gwendoline Christie, who came here by her own means, but who can be denied the victor of the Long Night.  VA TO WIN: Maise WilliamsSHOULD WIN: Maise Williams

Justice will be done

BEST MAIN ACTOR – LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE* Mahershala Ali – True Detective* Benicio del Toro – Escape at Dannemora* Hugh Grant – A Very English Scandal* Jared Harris – Chernobyl* Jharrel Jerome – When They See Us* Sam Rockwell – Fosse/Verdon There is no one on this category, but a clear winner. While Jared Harris unravels her in «Chernobyl,» Jharrel Jerome’s «That’s How They See Us» makes us goosebumps.  The actor who already touched us in Moonlight (Moonlight, 2016) plays Korey Wise, one of five young men wrongly accused of a brutal attack in Central Park in 1989. Of the group, Wise was the one who took the brunt as he was over 16 years old, and ended up serving full sentence as an adult. GOING TO WIN: Jharrel Jerome SHOULD WIN: Jharrel Jerome

I’ll sing forty

BEST MAIN ACTRIZ – LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE* Amy Adams – Sharp Objects* Patricia Arquette – Escape at Dannemora* Aunjanue Ellis – When They See Us* Joey King – The Act* Niecy Nash – When They See Us* Michelle Williams – Fosse/VerdonGreat category, where any of the nominated actresses can go home with their award and no one would object to the voters’ decision. Both Amy Adams and Patricia Arquette have a very high chance of raising the statuette, but all the odds seem to point to Michelle Williams, the talented half of «Fosse/Verdon.» Williams plays the celebrated Gwen Verdon, actress and dancer, who played a pivotal role in her husband Bob’s successful career Fosse.VA WIN: Michelle Williams SHOULD WIN: Michelle Williams

They’re all hits for Bill.

BEST MAIN ACTOR – COMEDIA* Anthony Anderson – Black-ish («Purple Rain»)* Don Cheadle – Black Monday («365»)* Ted Danson – The Good Place («The Worst Possible Use of Free Will»)* Michael Douglas – The Kominsky Method («Chapter One: An Actor Avoids»)* Bill Hader – Barry Barry («The Truth Has a Ring to It»)* Eugene Levy – Schitt’s Creek («Rock On!») Voters like to celebrate the old glory of Hollywood, so Michael Douglas seems to have all the winning numbers after winning the Golden Globe for «The Kominsky Method.» But Bill Hader has already shown that Barry Berkman’s darkness fits very well with the likes of the Academy, so (almost) we can secure his second consecutive triumph. Anyway, look at Eugene Levy who, out of nowhere, managed to sneak into the nominees and is one of those actors everyone loves and wants to see triumph.   GOING TO WIN: Bill HaderSHOULD WIN: Bill Hader

Selina 2020

BEST MAIN ACTRIZ – COMEDIA* Christina Applegate – Dead to Me («I’ve Gotta Get Away»)* Rachel Brosnahan – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel («Midnight at the Concord»)* Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep («Veep»)* Natasha Lyonne – Doll Russian («Nothing in This World Is Easy»)* Catherine O’Hara – Schitt’s Creek («The Crowening»)* Phoebe Waller-Bridge – Fleabag («Episode 1»)There is a fact that cannot be overlooked: since the premiere of «Veep» in 2012, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was nominated and won for her role as Selina Meyer. Six-up for the former actress from «Seinfeld,» who took a gap year during 2018 to fight her own breast cancer and return with glory (and fully curated) for the end of HBO’s political comedy. Aren’t you really going to get the prize? Of course, there’s an emotional component that poor Phoebe Waller-Bridge can’t cope with.     WILL WIN: Julia Louis-DreyfusSHOULD WIN: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Strike a Pose

BEST MAIN ACTOR – DRAMA* Jason Bateman – Ozark («Reparations»)* Sterling K. Brown – This Is Us («R &B»)* Kit Harington – Game of Thrones («The Iron Throne»)* Bob Odenkirk – Better Call («Winner»)* Billy Porter – Pose («Love Is the Message»)* Milo Ventimiglia – This Is UsWe are afraid to name it because it may happen. Bah, we are convinced that voters are going to fall under the influence of «the final season» and consecrate the King in the North who is obviously not Robb Stark. We hope to make a mistake as both Billy Porter and Bob Odenkirk deserve much more of the award, two small rematches for «Better Call Saul» and «Pose», of the best TV dramas that still did not get the love of the Academy.  WILL WIN: Kit HaringtonSHOULD WIN: Billy Porter or Bob Odenkirk

I love them both.

BEST MAIN ACTRIZ – DRAMA* Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones («The Last of the Starks»)* Jodie Comer – Killing Eve («I Hope You Like Missionary!») * Viola Davis – How to Get Away with Murder («He Betrayed Us Both»)* Laura Linney – Ozark («One Way Out»)* Mandy Moore – This Is Us («The Graduates»)* Sandra Oh – Killing Eve («You’re Mine») that, since Daenerys Targaryen’s character ended up being less sympathetic than he seemed at first glance, voters can lower his thumb in favor of any of the other performers on the list. Of course Sandra Oh is ready to make history with this first prize after a myriad of nominations, although it also makes us want to see Villanelle (Jodie Comer) making one of her own. VA TO WIN: Sandra OHENA WIN: Sandra Oh or Jodie Eat

I’ll come back and be a TV movie

BEST TV MOVIE* Bandersnatch (Black Mirror)* Brexit* Deadwood: The Movie* King Lear* My Dinner with HervéWasn’t the best year for this type of production, an category that has seen the best exponents throughout its history. Still, there are great stories to highlight, among them, the return of the girl from «Deadwood», now yes, with every chance of taking a major prize home. Look not to lose sight of «Black Mirror», winner of the last two installments.  WILL WIN: Deadwood: The MovieSHOULD WIN: Deadwood: The Movie

Justice will persecuse

BEST MINISERIE* Chernobyl (HBO)* Escape at Dannemora (Showtime)* Fosse/Verdon (FX)* Sharp Objects (HBO)* When They See Us (Netflix)All candidates on this list have the winning formula, but it was already clear that the favorite will be defined between «Chernobyl» and » When They See Us». Here, there should be no surprises, and both the HBO drama and the Netflix story have enough reason to win the ultimate accolade. Two miniseries that are part of the best of the year that is coming, which opened the debate on different conjunctural issues, bringing the past to the present with a novel and necessary rereading. GOING TO WIN: ChernobylSHOULD WIN: Chernobyl or When They See Us

We demand vote counting

BEST SERIES – DRAMA* Better Call Saul (AMC)* Bodyguard (Netflix)* Game of Thrones (HBO)* Killing Eve (BBC America)* Ozark (Netflix)* Possession (FX)* Succession (HBO)* This Is Us (NBC)With one hand in the heart, and leaving any downstitudea aside, we have to admit that the «Game of Thrones» final estranged from the best of 2019. Similarly, other inescapable issues such as the cultural weight left by the creation of David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are added here. In an ideal scenario, voters should choose more refined products like «Better Call Saul» or «Succession,» but the success of the fantastic epic will influence a little more when Westeros emerges triumphant again.      WILL WIN: Game of ThronesNEW WIN: Better Call Saul or Succession

It’s all about a smile 

BEST SERIES – COMEDIA* Barry (HBO)* Fleabag (Prime Video)* The Good Place (NBC)* The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)* Russian Doll (Netflix)* Schitt’s Creek (Pop TV)* Veep (HBO)A flawless ruble, beyond absent as «GLOW». Any of these comedies could go home with the jackpot and would be more than fine, although we suspect that the Academy will take more ‘conservative’ directions like «The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,» the big winner of the previous installment. «Barry» and «Veep» have their good chances, but it would be great to see the triumph of the experimental «Russian Doll» or the critically pampered girl: «Fleabag». YOU WILL WIN: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel SHOULD WIN: FleabagIn this note:

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