translated from Spanish: Monreal raises sentences as judges

Mexico City.- To contribute to transparency and impartiality in judicial processes in our country, Senator Ricardo Monreal Avila will present to the Senate plenary an initiative to eradicate the practice known as «hearing allegation», which are private meetings between one of the parties to a trial and the judge, without the opposing party being present. The initiative of the Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Morena refers to a reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary of the Federation and the Amparo Law, so that the prohibition of malpractice that prevents the parties of a trial is established face in equal circumstances.
«It is part of our commitment to promote a system of justice that guarantees citizens impartial processes, where irregular management that takes place in the dark and tends to generate sentences as one of the parties,» details the morenist legislator in his proposal.
It further indicates that the parties’ joint interview with the courts should be conducted through a public hearing, in order to prevent them from unfolding outside the process and without any control. While, the senator points out, the Federal Constitution provides for a ban on criminal proceedings conducted in accordance with the charging system, such a restriction does not apply to other matters. By incorporating the prohibition into the Organic Law of the Judiciary of the Federation, it will apply in the different jurisdictional spaces of the federal scope, it is added in the proposal. The brunette emphasizes that the primary characteristics of every judge are honesty, impartiality and independence; so, Noted Monreal Avila, the parties must be fully certain that the decision taken in a trial is not the product of corruption or preference by either party.

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