translated from Spanish: Femicide attempt: Police man shot the house of his ex-wife and his former mother-in-law

Maximiliano Godoy (27) showed up Sunday night at the home of his partner, Sabrina Bamonte, located on 72nd Street, between 3 and 4, of the City of La Plata. She rang the bell, chatted for a few minutes with her – as the neighbours recounted – she pulled out her 9mm regulation weapon and began firing in an attemptated femicide. The 26-year-old woman raised her hand to cover herself and ended up with injuries not only to her arm but also to her leg. Her neighbor, Iara Zatanio, also had to be hospitalized as a emergency for an impact on one of her legs. After a few seconds, there was a second burst of shots; Experts found 8 impacts on the building’s glass door.

Godoy got into his private car – a Chevrolet Corsa – and headed to 83rd Street, between 12 and 12 a.m., to the home of his former mother-in-law, Sandra González Bamonte, 49. There he repeated the shooting and the woman ended up with injuries to his left collarbone and right leg. As a result of this second shooting attack, a child under the age of 12 must also have been assisted by an impact on one of her legs.Miraculously the four women, who were cared for at St. Martin’s Hospital, are out of danger. Godoy showed up at the Eighth Police Station in La Plata and was detained under UFI 11. The Ministry of Security of Bonaerense decided to disaffect him from the force immediately. In addition to the Bersa pistol, police seized a magazine and 5 rounds.

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