translated from Spanish: Blow to AFPs: President of the CPC paves the way for pensioners to withdraw their planned savings

The battle of retired teacher Maria Angelica Ojeda against her AFP to withdraw her pension funds – and which even reached the Constitutional Court – has left no one indifferent.
While citizens see this alternative viable, from the Association of AFPs they detailed that if this were to happen, the system would end, statements that caused the departure of its now former president, Andrés Santa Cruz.
One of the last voices to join the debate was the president of the Confederation of Production and Trade (CPC), Alfonso Swett, who, against all odds, expressed himself open to this idea. But with conditions.
«We empathize with people who are currently struggling to pay a credit, with the difficulty a person has to buy their home, we empathize heavily with this,» he said in an interview with CNN Chile.
The condition that must be fulfilled, according to Swett, is that the person is retired: «When the person has retired, it seems to us of all logic that he can withdraw because he is already retired.»
However, he said there was a distinction between each case. «I think it has to be for certain events, » he said.
Government also adds
The idea left on the table by Alfonso Swett was picked up by the Government, who adhered to what was raised by the President of the CPC.
«I have no problem with starting such a discussion, » said the Economy Minister, Juan Andrés Fontaine.
However, if he distanced himself from Swett when he talked about differentiating each situation. According to Fontaine, this would be «very complex.»
«The complexity is that that person who uses his savings for that purpose and not to fund his pension in the time he has left since retirement onwards – time that has also been extended by the rise in life expectancy – the use of funds for that other purpose goes to mean that resources are required to finance a good pension and, consequently, would resort to the minimum pension or the solidarity pension,» Chile told CNN.

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