translated from Spanish: Migrants will be deported from Mars: INM holder

At the opening of an exhibition on migrants who have had outstanding achievements and contributions in Mexico, the head of the National Institute of Migration, Francisco Garduño, said that the current policy marks that undocumented migrants are sent to their places of origin, «so be they’re from Mars.»
Recalling that last Wednesday 311 migrants from India were deported by air, Garduño said: «That’s a warning for all transcontinental migration, that they’re going to send them, to India, to Cameroon, to Africa.»
At another time, Garduño accused African migrants currently in the country having assaulted members of the National Guard.
«It is not possible to see colleagues or humans of the black race with this behavior against immigration agents, national guard agents, agents working on migration, throwing bottles at them, being held hostage in our own country of such migration» Expressed.
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Different organizations, national and international, have pointed out that the migration policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has turned Mexico into «the wall» that Donald Trump wanted, with military elements slowing the passage of migrants from different Countries.
Garduño said that it is very high the spending of resources for having undocumented migrants in Mexico, and also «the political cost and cost of having them in our country with the problem with the United States and the problem of migration in the south , it is not possible to keep them here.» 
The exhibition «Migrants: A Look at the History of Mexico» shows documents belonging to migrants with outstanding achievements in Mexican cinema, literature, painting, photography, dance, music or sport.
Among them Luis Buñuel, Ninón Sevilla, Wolf Ruvinskis, Remedios Varo, Tina Modotti and Libertad Lamarque, among others.
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