translated from Spanish: Free Careyitos Beach to Be Public

Guadalajara, Mexico.- The barrier was torn down: Careyitos is already a public beach. The State Government reached an agreement with the owners to free up the space and that infrastructure can be developed that benefits that area, located in the municipality of La Huerta.

With this action, which he called «Playas Libres Careyitos», he initiated a process of recovery of beaches that are currently privatized. We are already working for the liberation of Tenacatita, which has been a source of clashes between the community and individuals.


It starts a new stage for the beaches of Jalisco, a stage in which we want to recover the sense of the public, that the beaches are everyone’s, but that we have to do it under the principle of order and agreements with the private sector because we want the Costa Alegre to continue to believe Governor Enrique Alfaro noted.

It was announced an investment of 23 million pesos in two stages to build the road to the beach, a palapa, wineries, bathrooms, restaurant, kitchen, sheds and a parking lot. There will also be a cooling and fish sales module to the public, as the aim is to enhance the work of local fishermen. It includes an area with space for 38 boats and a place for the repair of the networks. In a first stage (2019) we are going to put 10 million pesos to be able to enable the spaces properly, so that there is infrastructure that allows us to take better advantage of the beaches of the State and that social projects can be well tied with those of tourism development, that’s the bet.

We are starting the construction of two areas that are going to have different logics. One, which will have commercial purposes where the parking will also be, where what we want is to incentivize local commerce and that around this project we can replicate it elsewhere on the Coast.

The Bay of Careyitos is located on the South Coast of Jalisco and is part of a coastal complex known as Careyes.

Beach for all These are the infrastructure data to be built on Careyitos beach: Total investment: 23 million pesos
 Investment for 2019: 10 million pesos
 Investment 2020: 13 million pesos
 Execution period 2 months
 People who benefit800
 Palapa actions: 102.3 square meters.
 Winery, bathrooms and dressing rooms: 393.2 square meters.
 Restaurant: 114.4 square meters.
 Kitchen and other services. 185.8 square meters.
 House: 6 square meters.
 Parking: 915.23 square meters.
 Cooling and selling fish to the public: 78.8 square meters.

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