translated from Spanish: Cami Gallardo sends powerful message on his birthday: «Chile doesn’t deserve to be shut up»

The singer decided to use her official Instagram account to explain to her followers why she hasn’t been «quiet» in the face of social demands. Through a message that titled «Declaration of Principles, » she noted that she is «a woman proud of her roots (…) My grandparents are from San Felipe, my grandmother fruit tempora and my grandfather works in the field in Putaendo. Since I sang folklore, my parents always connected me with the Chilean land and my roots. My parents taught me to love Mapuche culture so we spent days and weeks touring the South marveling at all the stories no one told,» he added, adding, «This week I’ve been able to see in people’s eyes hope. I’ve been able to see the color of the rage. And we have all witnessed how heavy the anguish feels.» He went on to say that «They wanted to shut me up. But they taught me to be strong and to raise my voice loudly (…) I haven’t shut up because every day I have a plate of food on the table. And I am absolutely aware that this blessing is a product of the efforts of my grandparents and my parents,» and continued «I have not remained silent because I cannot and because I do not allow it. The hierarchical violence we have witnessed this week has been repudiable and I will not fail to condemn it. Violence is never justified and human rights are always respected (…) I didn’t keep quiet because Chile doesn’t deserve to shut up.» In his text he went on to indicate that «We have been divided and will want to continue dividing. Because division is your victory, but union is our triumph. Our generation refuses to follow the script they have written to us… we are here to write the story» and emphasized that «We are here to open and travel new paths. The paths of the future, of peace, of justice and of equity. Where what many of us have received fortunately, everyone receives it by right. I have not been silent and I will not be silent because silence is not peace, silence is resignation.» Its publication already reaches almost 180 thousand likes and 3 thousand comments.

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