translated from Spanish: Ery Gen triumphs smoothly

Guasave, Sinaloa.- With full control the set of Ery Gen went avant-garde smoothly to the 52-33 sound against his similar Of the Prepa UAS in actions of the Sunday Basketball Tournament, Copa Placas y Profiles.It was in the first half when the winners came forward in the slate by 34-15, while in the second half of new count the quineta of Embryo Gen took the partial, now by 28-18, to leave the final tanteador 52-33.Marcos Valdez was the best for those of success by nailing 30 units, supported by Jorge González , who added 17 more. By the other wayaround, Luis Soto excelled by scoring 15 points, while Julio Castro scored another 12.More results
The Allison Amusement campus folded the Ice Hot card with tight 38-33 cartons. Sergio Durán excelled in the achievement by scoring 14 units, along with his colleague José Escárrega, who produced 10 more for his team.

For those of the stumble, Eduardo Camacho came out as the best of his squad by accumulating 13 as many as many, as well as Ivan Lopez he supported him with 10 others.
In the last match of the day, Hawks scored a valuable 46-37 score against Bad Boys.Alvaro Gaxiola led the offense by scoring 16 points in that conquest, supported by his teammate Ulysses Alvarado, who was present with 13 other scores.
On the other hand, Frank Sauceda was awarded 16 so many to be the most offensive, followed by Martin Padilla, who made another 14.Programming
Starting at 11:45 a.m. today, the Prepa UAS team will face Allison Diversions.
In the second match of the day, Eagles of the UAS will clash with Hawks from 12:45, and at 13:45 hours, Ery Gen will take to the court of Villafañe park to face Mini Hawks.

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