translated from Spanish: Isabel Allende called the demonstrations in Chile «extraordinary surprise» and said that «there are movements of unrest everywhere»

The writer Isabel Allende will receive the Barcino International Historical Novel Award for what is in Barcelona and at a press conference she referred to the demonstrations that take place in Chile.La author said that «I think there is movim enthuses of unrest everywhere. You see it in France, England, Ecuador, Hong Kong, also in Barcelona»That unrest is going to bring about great changes that are going to be very important and it’s the young generation that’s going to inherit the world, the one that’s most restless,» Said Allende. climate change where he said that «I think it will lead to very positive and fundamental changes» and said he hopes to be alive to see those changes.» That there is a 15-year-old girl who has to resent the conscience of the world, is it not embarrassing these old politicians and carcamales who are running the world?» he added referring to Greta Thunberg.In depth about the protests in Chile, he stressed that «it has been a extraordinary surprise for politicians, the government, the opposition and the world at large.» He also referred to the position and statistics that leave it as an oasis of Latin America. «It is said to be paradise and what the figures do not show is the distribution of resources and opportunities,» he said. Inequality is one of the highest in the world: 1% have 25% of national wealth, and 10% of the population, with 1% included, has 66%,» Allende said.Finally, he stressed that «capital had as much free as possible without having a counterweight and without a representative citizen ion.»

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