translated from Spanish: Mapuche keys to understand Chile’s outbreak

Our crisis is crisis of all the land, of all the space of Chile. But it’s also Chile’s all-time crisis. At least since the last forty-five years, the years of the consumption model, the accumulator profit and the deregulation of the economy to the “laws of the market”. And here is a great Mapuche key to understanding what is happening: the explosion is a temporary consequence, a direct effect on people’s lives of a cause: the systematic sowing of imbalances and transgressions, all committed in the last decades of human becoming on this mapu.
We are living right these days in the emotional waters of Kay-Kay Filu (the snake of lowland floods, including low human passions). Let us not forget that the Filu snake comes from the verb ful,”spread unchecked”. And in the ancient Andean language, Kay is “divinity.” And these emotional waters can also manifest through fire.
The soomically “water-fire” (ko ka kitral) is always present, either at the time of prosecuting the soul of a deceased, as when it is appropriate to prosecute the time of a collective soul. Just as fire – anatavism that never leaves Chile – feeds and serves another process that occurs in another level of invisible reality, the fiery newen (force-energy) or “force of the flare” transforms everything into its purifying test that disrupts and destroys to recompose something else, something new.
Another very interesting Mapuche definition for these times is the concept of wekufe, “evil” or “the evil”, which comes from the root wekun, “outside”, “the external”, in relation to the discomfort we can bring to our lives when we are not authentically connected to the source and root of who “I am”. But it also reads wekufe (we, “the new” and “k’fu”, “screwing up” or “corrupting”) as “the bad balancer” or the one that “composes the new by spoiling”. So wekufe or the evil is not necessarily “bad” in the perspective of time, because thanks to the acceleration of a rot would become new, good and unthinkable things. Therefore do not fear a major crisis, for it has a balancing function, re-establishing a lost order and before not even envisioned.
Then, as the economic development that gave rise to this style of progress was made from an unconscious and predatory selfishness, also the barricade of vandalism was unconscious and violent. Thus, the energy of change and transformation, which every so often moves and awakens Chile, also has its connection and reason for being with Heaven. The people of this earth, both proletarian and powerful, have both been uprooted from their spiritual source and ancestral wisdom, obeying unconscious negative energies, so from an archetypal-symbolic perspective the fire made its way to purify ancient hatreds and resentments, and sorrows accumulated over more than two centuries.
On the other hand, with so many systematic attacks on the balance of the primordial elements: the air, the water and the earth, the fire, its vengeful companion, appears in due course, to purify and make “pay”. And with unusual speed, from a journey, we collect the damage caused to the balance of the Mapu Ouke (the motherland) that has recorded each of its past violations. As Nature’s intelligent matrix forgets nothing, suddenly the eruption appears, the burst, the violence and its irrepressible unreason.
Therefore, in this hour of unconsciousness modernity and incontinent consumption, let us not forget the spirits of animals and plants charred or tortured in various ways. Let us not forget the forestry business covered for decades in state subsidies of Decree 701, the one that devastated the mountains of so much native forest. Let us not forget the chainsaws when plucking ancient roots, also razing waterfalls and sidewalks inhabited by the ngenko (the spirits-owners of those shrines of purity). Transgenic agriculture was another cruel executioner. And the greed of planting fruit with chemicals fumigating the soul to its noble roots. The ngen of so much plant, flower, of the majestic trees, also come to us to claim today their right to life taken without authorization, without the slightest ritual of permission. 
Every Chilean, from the tradition of Mapuche respect and balance by the az mapu (“harmonious land custom”) and from the itrofill mongen (“biodiversity of natural life”), we must question thoroughly with these questions: What is happening to us? How come we’ve forgotten the beauty and trampled on the sacred? How come we got lost enough to think that there is only what shines and buys? Are our goods more important than respect for life itself and the divine spirit that animates it? How did the interest want to mow the trees from rennet and to seize the joyful and life-giving force of the rivers? How did we mercilessly move the desert, to such an extent that the fauna today fears us, flees us, and the forest would like to turn stone to save from our hands?

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