translated from Spanish: They will file a claim against Carabineros for shooting person in street situation

The People of the Street Foundation announced that it will file a complaint before the Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago against Carabineros, by unjustified shooting of a person in a street situation in the commune of Lo Espejo.
The situation occurred in the context of the state of emergency decreed by President Sebastián Piñera last month in the face of the social outburst that began on 18 October. 
The facts
On 19 October, in the context of a state of emergency, William D.C. (43) received a steel pellet outside his ruco in the commune of Lo Espejo. He was immediately helped by his neighbors, and after being cared for in a health facility, he is returned to the same place where he was the victim of the assault.
Guillermo has been living on the street for 10 years and, due to a cognitive deficit, is a group
especially vulnerable. This person, who has no institutional shelter, suffered multiple insperates and was injured with a short-distance pellet on his left leg.
This case was denounced at the time through social media by a neighbor of the community, who usually supports him itinerantly with food and blankets and who lives with him on a daily basis.
Public statement not heard
On October 21, when William’s case was not yet known, several professionals associated with Fundación Gente de la Calle issued a public statement. In it, they warned of the various risks that people in street situations were in the context of the state of emergency and curfew. Within the points stated, concerns were expressed about the lack of protection measures – and public pronouncements – on the part of the competent authorities.
The public statement further stated that in the Metropolitan Region alone, around 7,600 people in street situations were being exposed to the weather, helplessness and uncertainty, since the hostel quotas only border 400. This is only in the great Santiago, since – according to civil society’s estimates – the number of people in street situations amounts to 20,000 nationally.
Assault panorama
Through different sources and media, the People of the Street Foundation has noted that there would be about 32 cases of people in street situations attacked in the period of emergency who have been part of violent and dengranteous treatment : beatings, beatings and perdigocious from the police and military force.
The complaints have been derived from the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) by institutions such as Fundación Gente de la Calle, Hogar de Cristo and Defensoría Jurídica de la Universidad de Chile, but to date there is no news of possible measures by the incumbent agencies.

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