translated from Spanish: New homes without VAT, why not?

Under the current legislation, with exceptions, any new property that is not purchased with a Minvu subsidy is subject to the payment of VAT, i.e. all units with prices above 2,200 UF deb will pay this tax. The problem is that there is evidence that a family of 4 with residence and work in the Metropolitan Region needs at least a 2-bedroom property – about 60 m2 – to live worthily. Such a property, in a sector with acceptable connectivity, will hardly have a price less than 2,900 UF.
Given the above, it follows that with the current VAT we are making the backpack heavier for middle-class people who buy without subsidies and, above all, we are passing up the opportunity to raise more of those who have more.
In this new social context I believe that it is essential to create progressive taxes with the aim of achieving a transfer of resources between different market segments.
In particular, I propose to replace VAT on new properties with a «tax with tranches», similar to the structure of the supplementary comprehensive. Thus, for example, properties up to 3200 UF could be exempt from this tax; those between the 3201 UF and 7000 UF could pay the current 19%, and those with prices between 7001 and 14,000 UF a rate of the order of 27%. All units with values above 14,000 UF could be taxed at a proposed rate of 35%.
I think such a move can help level the court and make chile fairer.

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