translated from Spanish: Raúl Morón reports that 57 new elements have entered the Moreliana Police

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement they have reported that the Morelia City Council headed by the Municipal President, Raúl Morón Orozco, has added 57 new members to be part of the Morelia Police, who were training during 6 months.

The representative assured that cadets are better prepared to provide a worthy service to society; guaranteed that they will have the necessary equipment for the performance of their work and stressed to them that they should conduct themselves with attachment to the ideals of the Fourth Transformation, i.e. zero tolerance for corruption, within the legal framework and with respect for human rights.

These 57 new officers, graduating with an overall average of 9.3, received 972 hours’ preparation by the Leon Police Academy, at the Morelia Police facility, with detailed preparation around the legal framework, development of skills, weaponry, tactical vehicle management and the importance of being the first responder.
For her part, the commissioner for security in Morelia, Julisa Suárez Bucio, pointed out that these cadets must ensure the care and impetus of the civic justice model that has shown so much effectiveness in the municipality, to the extent of projecting it at the national level and International.

He further emphasized that the resources obtained by the Security Strengthening Programme (FORTASEG), as well as the support of international organizations, achieved the acquisition of patrols and equipment for better service.

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