translated from Spanish: Review my son’s case, tell AMLO a family of a crashed fellow

Pedro Lezama, the fellow of the Young Building the Future program, whom doctors had already evicted, entered on December 3rd the Medical Center La Raza, imSS, for its revaluation; in the meantime, his family asked President López Obrador to review how the program operates, to avoid similar cases.  
Although doctors had told his parents that he would not live more than 48 hours after the accident he suffered on 19 November last, while performing a task that was not in his duties, Pedro has survived 14 days, against all the predictions of the specialists. 
Last Saturday, a CT scan gave his family hope. They had been told that Peter’s small intestine was dead. But the image showed that “there was intestinal fluid. Probably not all of his small intestine has necrosis,” explains Alejandro Lezama. That would open up new possibilities. 
Faced with the results of the study, a specialist requested the transfer of the young man from the Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics of Lomas Verdes, focused only on trauma, to the National Medical Center La Raza, an institution with multiple specialties, where they could better revalue it. 
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But La Raza denied the transfer, until this December 3rd, when they finally received Peter, around 1 p.m. “He entered intensive care. They tell us they’re going to stabilize him and that we should wait. Here they will do new studies and on that basis they will determine what to do,” says his father Alejandro Lezama. 
Pedro suffered an accident on November 19, last November, when at Tuxtepec City Council, Oaxaca, where he was training as part of the federal government’s program, he was sent, outside of his duties and working hours, to the Expoferia to load sheets on a vehicle and then take them to distribute to different colonies, as part of a housing program.
On one of the transfers, the young man was in an accident. He was riding a truck, along with other young men, when they passed a stop and the foils went over him. His abdominal cavity would be injured. 
Doctors told his parents that he had a small intestine with necrosis, that is, dead, and that the option to save him would be a transplant of that organ, something that has never been done. Life expectancy for Peter was zero. Even doctors from the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Oaxaca suggested they disconnect it, but the family refused. 
“For now we will wait to see how things are going with Peter here in La Raza. But I ask, says Peter’s father, to the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to turn my face to my son’s case to oversee this program, no other family should go through this.”
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