translated from Spanish: Amnesty Act Benefits Criminals: PAN; call for Open Parliament

The Amnesty Law proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which is beginning to be debated in the Chamber of Deputies, benefits people who have carried out thefts and is part of a «criminal voter populism,» said PAN parliamentary group coordinator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks.
«The Morena Party seeks to pass the Amnesty Act, a draft legislation that will establish impunity for those who steal and poison our young people with drugs and empower criminals,» the lawmaker said in a statement.

⚠️ Morena’s #LeyDeAmnistía benefits criminals and leaves victims without justice. ??
— Juan C. Romero Hicks (@JCRomeroHicks) December 8, 2019

Romero Hicks said that, as deputies of his party have suggested, before approving the project, the participation of citizens and civil society organizations in an Open Parliament should be taken into account.
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The lawmaker said that «it is at risk» the security of people by the «likely release of 300,000 criminal files with which President López Obrador wants to build an electoral base regardless of the danger this has for Mexican families.»
He noted that the Amnesty Act offers «benefits to those who are deprived of liberty, indicted, prosecuted and sentenced for delinquency – for example – in non-violent thefts, home-room thefts, cell phone and debit and credit card abductions, or for cybercrime, identity theft and the well-known glass.»
«All with the argument that they are minor or low-level crimes, when it is precisely these that affect the sectors with the least resources, the young people who are robbed of a cell phone or a computer. The heist of room houses for subtracting items less than 50 thousand pesos will also go unpunished,» Romero Romeros added.
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On 15 September, López Obrador sent to the Chamber of Deputies the Amnesty Law initiative which, according to the exposion of motives, aims to grant release to people imprisoned for «simple theft without violence», drug use or abortion.
Two days later, the representative said that «this particular initiative has to do with humble people who were not assisted, who had no lawyers, is to release indigenous people who are in prison slammed unfairly, women, the elderly, who did not have a proper defense that was not assisted, were not helped; and the crimes for which they are charged are not serious, they are not crimes of blood, of violence.»
The initiative was to be discussed, and if necessary approved, last week in the United Commissions of Justice and The Governorate, but did not reach the necessary quorum.
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