translated from Spanish: Lawyers for Rosario Robles accuse “dirty strategy” in their defense

Rosario Robles’ legal team denied filing an application for protection against the precautionary measures brought against the former owner of Sedesol and Sedatu, who has been in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison since August, when Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna decreed pre-trial detention.
Attorney Julio Hernández Barros clarified that this means of defense in which acts of dishonor are claimed was not presented by the legal team representing the exfuncionaria, headed by the firms Hernández Barros & Abogados and Epigmenio Mendieta & Abogados.
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“This protection was presented by a stranger and has never (been) ratified by Rosario Robles, so they have no legal validity. We don’t know who the defender of this means of defense is,” he said in a statement.
Epigmenio Mendieta, who is part of his legal team, said it could be a dirty strategy to limit the defense’s margin of action.
“Fortunately I see that in this case the judge ordered the prior ratification of the signature of Rosario Robles, which will not happen.”
Both criminalists agreed that the request for protection pointed out is further evidence of the dirty campaign that has been waged against their representative.
“Arbitrariness that adds to the presentation of a false license to justify the absurd pre-trial detention, the impartial action of Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo, the promotion of a political trial without arguments, the revenge promoted from some areas of government, among other illegalities,” they stressed.
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Robles is charged with Robles for the alleged offence of improper exercise of the civil service, as part of investigations into million-dollar diversions in the case of The Master Scam.
Due to the workload of the courts, Robles’ defense estimates that it will be until the end of January when another hearing is held, so the civil servant would spend Christmas in the inmate.
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