translated from Spanish: Broad Front Continues to Shrink: Humanist Party Announces Exit from Conglomerate

A new coup received the Broad Front block. The Humanist Party, one of its anchor institutions, reported this morning that it would abandon the coalition founded in 2017. His departure is in addition to that of the Equality Party and that of the Green Environmental Party.
The decision was made by the party’s bases, in a consultation involving 482 militants, 85.5% of their standard, and resulted in 73% opting to withdraw from the Broad Front. «As a Humanist Party we begin a new stage today, there is a before and after of this definition beyond where we are. It should be remembered that the LARGE FRONT was a much-loved project of which we were founders, that fills us and the citizens with faith and that is something to be thankful for. It gave us the urge to believe that we could change things and we will have to assume that our time in that space passed,» the PH coordination said.
They add that «from now on the Humanist Party is made available to the citizen social movement and to every human being in this territory that requires raising a just cause. Whatever goes forward we will define together as organic making direct democracy flesh and adhered to the principles already set out, any issue of high future strategic interest of the PH, will be solved by the same way».
Finally they noted that «whatever comes forward we will define together as organic making meat the
democracy and adhered to the principles already set out, any issue of high future strategic interest of the PH will be resolved by the same way».
More shards on the frontamp
Inside the Broad Front they claim that the exit of the PH is a «hard blow», because unlike the other parties that left the conglomerate, the Humanist Party has a bench of three parliamentarians, Pamela Jiles, Florcita Motuda and Tomás Hirsch, which would give more weight to the conglomerate.
But, she is a bench that has dissonantly voted to the rest of the FA on several occasions. It should be remembered that the last conflict was in the wake of the government’s security agenda, which was generally approved by the Parliamentarians of the Democratic Revolution and Social Convergence, who then apologized for having given the votes in general to the bill that has been criticized for criminalizing social protest.
On the other hand, inside the space they point out that the departure of the Humanist Party would also allow the possible candidacy of Meaput Pamela Hiles to the Presidency of the Republic, although «there is a long way to go for that yet», they add.
This has not been an easy week for the frontamp, given that within Social Convergence, the libertarian left’s exit from the party in formation was consolidated, although parliamentarians remain in the party. This militant outing is in addition to the resignation of Mayor Jorge Sharp.
At the same time, in the Democratic Revolution, the overall approval of the government’s security project brought with it other shards. For example, the head of the bench, The Deputy Pablo Vidal, resigned from her post, which will be occupied – for the moment – by the MEP and president of the party, Catalina Pérez.

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