translated from Spanish: Government announced that Compensation Funds have nearly $4 billion uncollected that are available for retirement

As reported by the Undersecretary of Social Welfare, Pedro Pizarro, more than 3.8 billion are available to be recovered at the Overpayments Compensation Funds. Pizarro together with superintendent of Social Security, Claudio Reyes, detailed how the return process works and claimed that 110 thousand people are the ones who keep a lot of uncollected. The undersecretary of the portfolio stated that «we know very well that we live in a complicated context, and this is certainly very good news for thousands of families who could have an extra income, an economic relief»»These silvers do not prescribe, it will always be disposition of people, and something very important, these moneys are inheritable, and family members can collect them,» he added. In addition, Pizarro noted that «excesses are the resources of each worker, which have been paid for some collection derived mainly from operational errors, in social appropriations. These resources are available, and are people-owned and available for retirement.» It should be noted that the Superintendency of Security in its regulatory role, called on the people who applied for a social credit in the Compensation Funds to consult through the websites of these agencies or directly accuse the branches country.

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