translated from Spanish: Karla Rubilar insists on repeating the same song: “There is a lot of foreign influence that encourages violence”

The government’s controversy over the Government’s background over an intervention by international organizations behind the social outburst of 18 October has deepened this week.
Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel gave a background to Prosecutor Abbott, a document he said contained “extraordinarily sophisticated information based on Big Data technology analysis, which gives a record that is important to the criminal investigation.” And one of the thesis raised from the Government to explain the phenomenon is that of foreign interference. According to Blumel himself, 31% of tweets and posts since the demonstrations began, are generated from abroad.
In the face of this, The Minister General of Government, Karla Rubilar, insisted that “much of the incentive for violent social protest has come outside Chile there is a lot of foreign influence that encourages violence.”
At the same time, he stated that there are “other analyses that they become 70%.”
The secretary of state further detailed that so far, the bulk of the information is under the standards of the intelligence law and therefore cannot yet be disseminated. But he said, “Minister Blumel’s report does have clear information from organizations outside Chile to encourage violent protest.”
It should be noted that the text states that 19.3% of government-investigated comments are located outside Chile, which fell after “the million-dollar march”.
This group identifies five, made up of international authors, including the Russian television channel “Actualidad RT” and the Venezuelan TeleSur. These are joined by figures of Kirchnerism and Peronism.
However, another group of the government’s Big Data “are K-Pop fans” draw attention, who would be “highly influenced” by digital media and websites such as “Piensa Prensa” and “ChileOkulto”.

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