translated from Spanish: Motorcyclist injured in horrify crash

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- A heavy collision between a motorcycle and a van in the city of Guamúchil, left a young man injured, in addition to considerable material losses this morning. The affected person was identified as Aurelio «L», 21 years old, domiciled in Las Fincas, in this city, who was driving from west to east aboard a motorcycle of the brand Kurazai, black with red, without circulation plates, on the road to Mocorito.

It was when we reached the junction with Salvador Alvarado Avenue, in the colony of Evora, just in front of the INE building, that the motorcyclist was hit on the left side of a Toyota-branded pickup, model 1990, white, with license plate number UG46302, which was going from north to south on the avenue and apparently its driver did not realize the presence of the motorcyclist, so when crossing the road there was an impact.

Elements of Public Safety quickly came to the event. / Photograph: Matías Rodríguez EL DEBATE

At around 09:00 hours they arrived at the Red Cross paramedics site, who provided the young man with first aid, having a wound to the mouth and some blows, so he was transferred to a hospital for evaluation and medical care. It should be noted that the motorcyclist was riding with the helmet on and this helped the mishagit not have more serious consequences. The site also arrived public safety and municipal transit agents, who guarded the area and gathered the relevant information to delineate responsibilities and, in the end, moved the bike and the van to the dspytm yards.

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