translated from Spanish: Presidential plane was bought by a pharaonic-minded government: AMLO

The presidential plane was acquired by a government that had a pharaonic mentality, which forgot that there can be no wealthy representatives with poor people, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Saturday during his tour of Oaxaca.
“It’s already forbidden to fly, by helicopter, now everything is grounded, we’re selling the presidential plane, luxury, I feel sorry to speak here that there is so much poverty from the extravagances of the luxuries of that plane that they shouldn’t have bought it, nothing else they had a pharaonic mindset who ruled the country,” he said.
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“They forgot that there can be no rich government with poor people. We’re already working on that, but it’s not just getting rid of those extravagances, but saving, I’m glad that the armored, luxury, government vans were sold and the money came to Yucuná and other communities.”
The president assured that his government-driven programs always begin in smaller, poverty-slower communities.
Yesterday, after announcing that the presidential plane was being tested through the sale of 6 million Lottery’s pooches, the Obrador reiterated that it will not get on the aircraft.
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“The decision was made: that presidential plane is going to be sold; it sells, rents or rafftes, but I’m not getting on that plane,” he said.
The presidential plane “José María Morelos y Pavón” was taken a year ago to California, Usa, to sell it to a private individual, however, despite having the support of the UN, the device failed to attract the attention of any buyer.
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The federal representative considered it to be due to the luxuries he has inside. “There’s no one to buy it, it doesn’t even have Donald Trump, it’s valued at two billion pesos,” he said.
“They adapted it so that 80 passengers can be transported, it has boardrooms, alcove, restaurant, it is a palace for the heavens, an offense for the people of Mexico,” he said.
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