translated from Spanish: A month after the controversial Isidora Urrejola responded to criticism of Daniela Castro for defense of Pascual Fernández

In December last year, Daniela Castro, the former MasterChef said she was happy to have ended a «toxic» relationship, alluding to Pascual Fernández. His uncommissioned duties were made through his social media and he received a number of comments.» Thanks to a toxic relationship that I learned to value myself, I learned to love myself, to respect myself and to set limits on others and myself,» was one of the phrases he wrote and that the Spaniard himself replied: «It doesn’t shine by turning others off.» The intervention was not well received, although yes, it had the support of Isidora Urrejola. The defense of Pascual Fernández annoyed Daniela Castro, who did not hesitate to answer him in the same way. Weeks later, Urrejola addressed the subject. «I don’t feel guilty or bad person or anything, because I didn’t know the story I had back,» he told Glamorama. He added: «I commented on a photo of Pascual without knowing that what he said in the photo had a story to go back. (…) I spoke to Pascual and Daniela at his minute and when it had to be and there it was for me. I didn’t feel bad.» «The criticisms were that I was underrated and I do not consider myself unskilled at all. I’ve experienced the violence very closely, so I can’t drop something I’m not. If it were true, maybe it would have affected me.»

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