translated from Spanish: Servel publishes the standard for the plebiscite: there are 14,753,345 enabled voters and 51% are women

The Electoral Service (Servel) on Monday published the Audited Electoral Padrones, that is, the lists of voters (both in Chile and abroad) that would be qualified to vote, as well as the disabled payroll. According to the figures reported by the electoral authority, the Audited Electoral Padrón contains a total of 14,753,345 eligible voters, 14,695,245 in Chile and 58,100 abroad. By sex, 51% of the pattern is for women (7,537,741) and 49% for men (7,157,504). By communes, the three with the highest number of eligible voters are Puente Alto (395,879), Maipú (387,151) and Santiago (331,401).the three countries with the highest number of eligible voters are Argentina (8,704), the United States (7,508) and Spain (6,309). The next step in the process envisages that 60 days before the plebiscite will be the publication of the Final Electoral Padrons, which will be on February 26. The Servel reported that those who have been omitted from the audited standard, are contained in erroneous data or believe they should appear on it, have 10 days (between January 28 and February 6) to complain to the Regional Electoral Tribunal (TER) of their electoral address , in writing or verbally. If you are outside the country, you can file your claim through the TER website on duty in the Metropolitan Region or at Chilean consulates abroad. Similarly, the agency reported that it is possible to claim to request the inclusion, correction or, if contravening the law, exclusion of other voters.* Review the Audited Electoral Patterns and the Audited Payroll of Disabled here.

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