translated from Spanish: Kimberly Flores ravages Yanet Garcia with her arrival in Hoy

Following Yanet García’s departure from the Program Hoy, the production has been committed to finding a woman who is in charge of giving a touch of sensuality and sports quality as towards the exchica of the climate, so they already found a candidate. This is Kimberly Flores, who together with her husband Edwin Luna, are part of the ranks of Televisa, because as everyone knows the TV was responsible for covering her daughter’s christening a couple of weeks ago leaving everyone with her mouth open.

Returning to the main theme Kimberly was invited to the morning to show her exercise routines as Yanet once did and is that for a long time the model decided to dedicate herself to the fitness world, with which she has achieved extraordinary results because she has demonstrated on social media.
«You have charisma and it is good that those blessings come to you. Don’t lose your humility. Congratulations,» «How far have you come cool that blessing you know how proud you are on these programs take care of you,» they wrote to Garcia.
For her part Yanet García is working in the United States where she is collaborating on applications becoming the first Mexican to be part of a sports routine where she does well because as everyone knows one of her greatest passions is Train.

It is worth mentioning that the fame of regiomontana grew too much when she started working on the program Today, as her huge rear made her become one of Instagram’s most sought-after women reaching more than ten million followers.

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