translated from Spanish: Father of child killed in Argentina says his wife only repeats ‘my baby’

Salta.- Celso, the father of the 4-year-old boy, murdered and husband of the woman, 44, sexually abused on Thursday in the Argentine city of Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, asked for justice and told his wife that «All she says is ‘my baby, my baby'». Celso is located in the city of Rosario de la Frontera, in the province of Salta, and cannot get to where his wife and other son, 24, is because he does not have the resources. In dialogue with the TN Channel he said he was able to talk to his wife on the phone, but for a short time.
«I could talk a little bit. She can’t talk and can’t contain herself. All it says is ‘my baby, my baby’. She’s very hurt,» she said. Celso explained that his wife and young son went to Puerto Deseado to visit their other son, who works there.
The trip was planned, he went to see my daughter in Buenos Aires and then my other son.»

The eldest son had to go to work and left his mother and little brother on the beach, «She always liked to go out to the coast and walk with the boy, she liked it very much.» When they walked they were intercepted by two men, who began beating them with stones. The woman tried to defend herself, but she couldn’t. The men sexually abused her and threw the child on a rocky cliff, causing her death.
I’m really hurt, I can’t talk. I’m still blocked, for me this is a dream,» Celso said. 

The man noted that the authorities have not communicated with him. «I wanted to go but unfortunately I’m here, I have low resources and I can’t get out. All I ask is Justice for my son, I ask the country please,» he concluded. 

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